This Past Month

this past month….

has been a blur

has been exhausting

has been challenging 

this past month…

I've had the best God moments

I've heard His voice clearly

I've been tested through trials and didn't doubt God or His plan but came running at His feet

this past month I have grown and I am so thankful.

I want to apologize to you, because of my lack of writing. I've felt all the feelings this past month and knew I wasn't in a place to blog about it. I've said this many times but this blog is my online journal, an honest raw picture into my every day life and emotion. But it wasn't right to display all those emotions over the world wide web (good and bad) during this past month. Every time I opened a "new post" tab and started typing I felt the Lord saying "not yet Maddie." I knew that I needed my joy back from the Lord before I could start blogging again.

I was reminded that God loves the church and He adores His people. It's been God's church from day one and that's not changing. Through this transition phase I have been so encouraged in the tangible ways God is working through His church. My sweet husband and I have been tested physically, emotionally and spiritually and have grown so close in these last six weeks. We know trials produces character and I've fallen deeper in love watching my man's character shine. We are so close and even though these past few weeks have been exhausting, I am so thankful for them because we have gotten so strong together. Oh, I love my man so much!

I am really excited for this next season… I was dreading it even last week because my endless to do list - hence why I couldn't blog but now I am so excited. Even though my type A plans have been completely ditched of what my fall was going to look like (click here to read my birthday letter with all the original plans) I know God's plans are so much better than mine and I am excited to see where he takes us.

So I am in a great place…now. Mark and I are reading everything we can about helping run a church for the time being until we find an interim pastor. We are dreaming God dreams and really believing this is where we are called to be in this insane season still. I am screwing up daily, forgetting so many things and have a to do list that is around 42 tasks for the week. I still cry, get frustrated at myself and put the weight of running a Sunday service on myself. Sleep still isn't constant but God is so faithful despite all my screw ups and sin.

So if you are someone who prays, please pray for Mark and I. Pray for strength as we are a small staff getting through this transition phrase. Pray for strength. Pray for salvations and people growing in their walk with the  Lord. God is doing incredible things at the church and the church is still growing because it's God's church. Pray our eyes will be fixed on Him, the author and perfecter of our faith and not on the earthly things around us.

Lastly, thank you for reading. It means more than I could ever type that you would take time out of your day and read this blog. It sucked so much reading all these other blogs in the past six weeks and not writing on foreverhis. My goal this fall was to blog three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Life is still insane right now but that is my hope! So please subscribe, bookmark this blog or check back for more posts.

Thank you so much. Have an awesome week.


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