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Mark and I are elated to share the news that we are pregnant!

We are beyond blessed to have a little one growing inside of me. We have prayed over this baby long before we started trying and know that life is a gift and miracle from the Lord. We are praising God for most exciting news ever!

I am 13 weeks today and just finishing up my first trimester. I must say that this pregnancy stage hasn't been the most fun. I've been very nausious and throwing up which hasn't helped with our busy schedules but on the whole I am just so excited! I am looking forward to the second trimester where all the books say my energy will come back! That would be amazing. Mark has been so supportive and encouraging me to take those naps…haha.

It all started on Mark's birthday over lunch at the end of April. We were chatting about all things and he brought up the idea of having a baby. Sure, we've talked about it and people joke but we hadn't had a serious sit down conversation about when we were thinking and what would be the right time for our family.

We spent a few months praying about it, crunching numbers, looking at our future jobs and career paths. I love Mark so much and married life has been the absolute best with him! I am so thankful for the 2.5 years we will have together being married just the two of us. Yet, we both felt ready for this next stage. We had this peace and we just decided to go for it. We were overjoyed when we read that the test was positive in August.

We went for our first ultrasound last week and got to see our baby's heartbeat and he/she was moving its arms around. It took my breath away as I watched this beautiful baby living inside of me. Our due date is May 3.

I have been dying to share this news for so long and am so blessed to be able to tell the world now!!

We are so excited to be MOM and DAD in May! I knew Mark would make the best Dad since I was 15 when we worked together at camp for the first time. Kids adored him and my heart went crazy. He would play with them, be silly with them and all the campers just wanted to hang out with PacMan. In these past eight years of being with Mark I've been able to watch interaction after interaction of how he loves babies and children and takes care of them so well. My heart is so full at the thought that we will get to be parents and love on this baby. He is going to be the best Dad!

I honestly love this child so much already and it has only been 13 weeks!

Baby, you are so loved and adored by your mom and dad and we are stoked to meet you! We have been praying over you every single night that if its the Lord's will you would grow into a happy healthy baby. Keep growing strong… Mom promises to not eat too much candy!

Thanks for reading and celebrating with us! Thank you to one of my best friends Larissa for taking these pictures for us. We will cherish these forever. xoxo

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