Gender Reveal Party + Video

Finding out the sex of your baby….so many pros and cons to each and honestly it all comes down to the couple and what they want. For Mark and I it was a no brainer that both of us wanted to find out. I am a planner (surprise!) and I know it would give me such peace of mind to have the nursery done, clothes bought and know if its a baby girl or boy. We weren't hoping for one gender or the other we were just so excited to know. Another fun fact about me: I love knowing things, so waiting the full pregnancy when I could have the opportunity to know didn't seem fun.

We found out together during my ultrasound on December 18. Then we waited. We are so close to our families and wanted our entire immediate families together to tell them the amazing news. My sister and brother in law live in Florida and their flight came in real late the 23rd so a Christmas Eve party was in order!

& it was the best. If you are debating between doing a gender reveal party - DO IT! One of my most favourite moments in 2015 and one I will cherish forever. Everything was perfect, having our entire immediate families there on Christmas Eve - could it be more perfect? Nope! Best Christmas present being able to share the news with the people I adore the most:)

I called one of our family friends who makes the best cookies ever and asked her to make "boy" cookies and a blue cake. We ate cake on Christmas Eve celebrating our sweet little boy.

I honestly love this baby so much!! It's unbelievable how much love I have in my heart and I haven't even met him yet. Mark and I talk to him constantly and just pray over his sweet life. Part of me is terrified to try and mother a boy - how do I even do that? Everyone knows I'm a girls girl. But the thought of doing this parenting thing with Mark calms me down. I know he will be the best Dad - he is already planning the poor child's entry into timbit hockey hahaah!

I love Psalm 139:13. 
"For you formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother's womb"

How incredible is that? God knows our baby boy and is forming all of his parts inside of me! Lord, you are so cool!!!

Our baby is kicking lots and is a little mover. I think he likes rolling over
because it will be constant kicks for a solid 30-45 seconds as he moves to a new position. uhhh I love him! Okay, I'll stop.

Thanks for letting me share our very exciting news with you today! Hope you have had the best Christmas ever.

Mark and Maddie 



17 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks. Yippie!

I am so thrilled to write that we have hit the half way point. Compared to the last time I wrote, I was feeling miserable and not even sure I wanted to go through with another pregnancy. It actually was no fun what so ever.

At around 16 weeks, my life changed. I got some energy back and the best part was I stopped throwing up. One day I woke up and the sick to my stomach all day feeling was gone. I didn't want to cheer just yet incase it would come back but it hasn't. Mark and I are so relived that I am not throwing up every day!

So for about a month I've been feeling great. Still tired and cramps sometimes but nothing to really mention…nothing compared to the first 16.

Here are some facts where I am at right now at the halfway point:

Size: baby is the size of a banana

I still haven't felt this baby kick me. Sometimes I get a tad worried why I haven't felt any movement yet, but I haven't sat still [ever?] so I'm not sure if I'm just not taking enough time to rest and lay on my back to see.

Cravings: cheese. anything cheese. cheese bread and marble cheese have been the favourites. I really like pickles too… thats a cliche one but has been true for me. I go through about a jar a week

Weight Gain: I thought I would have gained a lot more and think I overestimated to some people but I've really only gained 10 pounds (drastically is different whether I weigh myself in the morning or at night)

Sleep Patterns: I've been really restless at night. The one and only cure I have found is back tickles from  my husband. I will be so restless and then before he's 5 minutes in I'm already asleep. Have I mentioned that I have the BEST husband ever? I wake up 1-3 times a night to use the bathroom and body pillows have been my best friend. I can't sleep without a body pillow now.

Baby Room: we haven't really purchased anything yet. Waiting till the business of Christmas is over and we can focus on baby once 2016 hits.

So thats the update. So much more encouraging then the first trimester post. If you missed it you can check it out here

Can't believe Christmas is so soon!! *Most of my shopping is done:)


God Doesn't Need You

This fall season has been one for the books. It's been absolutely insane. Trying to figure out all these changes with my body has been tough. At 16 weeks the nausea finally went away and for that I am so thankful- I am feeling so much better. Work wise, it has been such a whirlwind. God is so faithful and has been so good to our church and to me but oh my, I've learnt a lot and been forced to deal with stuff I haven't wanted to deal with.

Through all the craziness of our pastor and wife just abruptly leaving and Mark and I trying to fill in so many gaps- somehow God has thread through this life lesson so loud and clear over these past fifteen weeks.

He doesn't need me.

Now, some people would find offence to that… but it has been the most comforting thing to my spirit over this season. God's got it. God is so much bigger, so in control, so sovereign that whether I am on board or not, God will still do His thing. Whether people leave abruptly or not, God knew and isn't phased.

God has a plan. He always has since the beginning of time and has a plan to come back soon and rule and reign on the new earth. God has a sovereign plan in place. He has it all covered. The bible says in Matthew 16:18 "I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it." God is building His church and nothing, not even the gates of Hell will overpower it. Our God is so strong. This stuff excites me. It gives me so much hope. 

& the most humbling part about this lesson I've been learning… God doesn't need me but He wants me to be apart of his divine Kingdom plan. Wow. Thank you Lord. You want me? Sinful, messed up, selfish me?? Yup. He wants me and wants to use my life to bring glory to His name. He gives my life purpose, meaning and significance. I am in a fight - fighting for souls on the Lord's army. 

and it's thrilling!! I love this journey with God. I love being apart of His team knowing that He has already won. What has gotten me through these past crazy months is knowing that God has complete control and will continue to build His church no matter what. 

No matter what season of life you are going through, know that God has a plan, is in control and is completely sovereign. You can trust those promises. 


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