Gender Reveal Party + Video

Finding out the sex of your baby….so many pros and cons to each and honestly it all comes down to the couple and what they want. For Mark and I it was a no brainer that both of us wanted to find out. I am a planner (surprise!) and I know it would give me such peace of mind to have the nursery done, clothes bought and know if its a baby girl or boy. We weren't hoping for one gender or the other we were just so excited to know. Another fun fact about me: I love knowing things, so waiting the full pregnancy when I could have the opportunity to know didn't seem fun.

We found out together during my ultrasound on December 18. Then we waited. We are so close to our families and wanted our entire immediate families together to tell them the amazing news. My sister and brother in law live in Florida and their flight came in real late the 23rd so a Christmas Eve party was in order!

& it was the best. If you are debating between doing a gender reveal party - DO IT! One of my most favourite moments in 2015 and one I will cherish forever. Everything was perfect, having our entire immediate families there on Christmas Eve - could it be more perfect? Nope! Best Christmas present being able to share the news with the people I adore the most:)

I called one of our family friends who makes the best cookies ever and asked her to make "boy" cookies and a blue cake. We ate cake on Christmas Eve celebrating our sweet little boy.

I honestly love this baby so much!! It's unbelievable how much love I have in my heart and I haven't even met him yet. Mark and I talk to him constantly and just pray over his sweet life. Part of me is terrified to try and mother a boy - how do I even do that? Everyone knows I'm a girls girl. But the thought of doing this parenting thing with Mark calms me down. I know he will be the best Dad - he is already planning the poor child's entry into timbit hockey hahaah!

I love Psalm 139:13. 
"For you formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother's womb"

How incredible is that? God knows our baby boy and is forming all of his parts inside of me! Lord, you are so cool!!!

Our baby is kicking lots and is a little mover. I think he likes rolling over
because it will be constant kicks for a solid 30-45 seconds as he moves to a new position. uhhh I love him! Okay, I'll stop.

Thanks for letting me share our very exciting news with you today! Hope you have had the best Christmas ever.

Mark and Maddie 


  1. The boy joy.. deep down in our hearts. And the toys are here.. believe me. Love and hope alive! Lisa

  2. What are your perspectives on gender versus sex? What if your child is transgender? How will you handle that situation. Interested to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. Hi ! Thanks for your question and for reading - if you want to email me with your name too then we can chat:) that would be great!


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