17 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks. Yippie!

I am so thrilled to write that we have hit the half way point. Compared to the last time I wrote, I was feeling miserable and not even sure I wanted to go through with another pregnancy. It actually was no fun what so ever.

At around 16 weeks, my life changed. I got some energy back and the best part was I stopped throwing up. One day I woke up and the sick to my stomach all day feeling was gone. I didn't want to cheer just yet incase it would come back but it hasn't. Mark and I are so relived that I am not throwing up every day!

So for about a month I've been feeling great. Still tired and cramps sometimes but nothing to really mention…nothing compared to the first 16.

Here are some facts where I am at right now at the halfway point:

Size: baby is the size of a banana

I still haven't felt this baby kick me. Sometimes I get a tad worried why I haven't felt any movement yet, but I haven't sat still [ever?] so I'm not sure if I'm just not taking enough time to rest and lay on my back to see.

Cravings: cheese. anything cheese. cheese bread and marble cheese have been the favourites. I really like pickles too… thats a cliche one but has been true for me. I go through about a jar a week

Weight Gain: I thought I would have gained a lot more and think I overestimated to some people but I've really only gained 10 pounds (drastically is different whether I weigh myself in the morning or at night)

Sleep Patterns: I've been really restless at night. The one and only cure I have found is back tickles from  my husband. I will be so restless and then before he's 5 minutes in I'm already asleep. Have I mentioned that I have the BEST husband ever? I wake up 1-3 times a night to use the bathroom and body pillows have been my best friend. I can't sleep without a body pillow now.

Baby Room: we haven't really purchased anything yet. Waiting till the business of Christmas is over and we can focus on baby once 2016 hits.

So thats the update. So much more encouraging then the first trimester post. If you missed it you can check it out here

Can't believe Christmas is so soon!! *Most of my shopping is done:)

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