BE that Woman

I was scrolling instagram last week and came across this video. Obviously instagram gives you the fifteen second version but the entire video was on Lisa Bervere's Facebook page so I quickly opened my laptop to get the whole thing.

Click the link to watch it to watch: Be that Woman Video

The main message: Be that Woman you wish someone was to you. Whether that is a mentor, mother, lady in your church... doesn't matter but the person you want in to pour into your life, be that woman to someone else. She talks about writing it backwards. Whatever you wish would have happened, start there with someone.

Who isn't challenged by that message?!

I shared on Monday but this past season spiritually has been pretty discouraging and hard. A couple of times, if I'm honest I wanted to feel sorry for myself and for what I've had to go through. Compared to most people and their lives, it's nothing but my little world was definitely shaken. I feel like I'm in a new season and this word is one to cling to as I enter into these few months before baby is born. Be that woman.

For example, I've been looking and praying for someone to mentor Mark and I as a couple and also that woman to have the time to invest in my life personally one on one. In my longing for this, I've realized that someone younger than me might be praying and longing for the same thing. I need to be that woman and Mark and I need to be that couple to someone else too.

I think we can get so discouraged and condensing when we pick apart what others haven't done for us or how the church hasn't supported us... and the list can go on. What I love about this is that our focus is shifted from "woe is me" to "impact" and changing lives for the gospel.

Is there someone you wish would pour into you? Whether that be a mother figure, mentor, friend? Whatever you are longing for, I pray that you would be encouraged to be that woman to someone else and just watch what God will do through you.

Let's BE the Woman God has so called us to be. Invest and love deeply my friends.


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