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my daily morning ritual this January
Can't believe January is halfway over. January has been a blur due to sickness. I got sick right before New Years and remained that way for a few days. Then I got better and Mark got sick and is going on day eleven. Tuesday morning I woke up just feeling awful. Like can't get out of bed or doing anything productive, awful. Mark and I have been out. Anyone else fighting this massive head cold like us?

Other than buying hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins to try and feel better and going through 2-3 tissue boxes a day January is looking okay.

I have hit twenty-five weeks and am loving this stage of pregnancy. I will lie down and watch him move from one side of my stomach to the other. He kicks me all throughout the day but is most active in the morning right when I wake up. It's my favourite time of the day to just lie in bed and talk to him as he moves around. It is such a miracle that there is life living inside of me. It makes the nose bleeds, leg cramps and heartburn a bit more manageable when I have these sweet moments with my boy. I love the bonding time we are getting even though he is still in the womb. Honestly, we loved finding out the gender because it is another level of bonding. My son, my baby boy is inside of me - not just my baby. That exact word is another level of bonding and I am loving it. The fact that the Lord knows his entire life, knows how many hairs he will have on his head and has this incredible plan for his little life blows my mind each and every day. Babies are such a miracle and my relationship with God has increased to a whole new level praying over this baby.

Other than being super sick and super in love with our baby January hasn't offered me much else. We are deep into dreaming God dreams for Emmanuel (our local church where we work) and ironing out some details from the insane fall. I went through a "dry season" spiritually and was pretty burnt out but feeling hopeful that January will pick up and my productivity and passion will too. Lord, have your way in my life, my marriage and my work.

Sending you lots of feel good vibes if you are sick. We can get through this! Hopefully you aren't on day eleven like my poor sweet husband.


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