My 2016 One Word

I love making goals and I love when I can complete them or at least aim to complete some of them. I make goals throughout the year but especially appreciate the extra emphasis of a new year with a new set of goals. Instead of going all out with my massive list of goals on the blog I want to share my one word with you.

This is something I was challenged to do a couple years back and have really enjoyed it. Basically, you pick a word for the year and want to weave that word through your year. There is a really great podcast about this on elisegetscrafty if you want to check out more about the "one word" idea. (podcast 12/29)

2015's word was eternal. I wanted a better eternal perspective. My eyes were fixed on this world so often and I wanted to be intentional in 2015 to keep my perspective eternal. I have really grown through this 'one word' idea so when December came around I really started thinking about the next season God is calling me to do and what my word could be.

My word for 2016 is: FOCUS

I need focus. More focus on the gospel and the work God is doing. I need more focus on my mission and purpose here on earth. I want to buckle down this year and focus on my kingdom work.

If I've learnt anything this past year is that I can be distracted so easily. My flesh loves scrolling instagram and reading fun blogs that really have nothing to do with the gospel. Satan wants God's kids to get distracted and not focused on the work we have to do. If he can distract me each day less kingdom work gets done. I know my life is short and fleeting. I know Jesus is coming back any day now and I want to be ready and focused. I don't want to be caught off guard from my purpose and mission on the earth. I want to stay focused.

This year will present many awesome changes. I am going to become a mother and I know already that I will be tempted to put so much time reading google on all the crazy things moms and are suppose to do, say and buy. I know that this year is going to be busy but I want to stay focused. I want my sweet son to know from day one that this life is all about bringing glory to God and making disciples. I want to stay focused for myself but to also set a good example to my baby; and I know that starts before he is even born.

We are living in harsh difficult times and if you believe the bible it is only going to get worse and fast. It is astonishing to me how much the bible has predicted these times and how the bible tells us what is going to happen - why does anyone ever question the gospel when it is so true! ISIS wants to defeat who? -  Israel. duh - it's been in Gods holy word for thousands of years. I know this world will only become more corrupt and I want my focus on Christ. Making disciples because I know time is fleeting before I die or Christ returns.

Do you have a word or like making goals? Would love to hear yours and why that is your word this year.

Thanks for your faithful readership in 2015. I am blessed to have this blog and write on foreverhis. I can't wait to share with you what God will teach me in 2016.

Know you are loved by me and the creator of this world,


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