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I love doing bible study with ladies. It is so refreshing and every time I leave a study I am always so challenged and encouraged in my walk with the Lord.

This season is extremely busy so I haven't been able to "take time" each week to meet with women...but I've really been missing that connection and am trial running a virtual online bible study through life way women.

Let me pause for a second to put a plug in for LifeWay Women's bible studies. They are incredible and legit. Such good studies all focusing on the word of God. If you are needing some inspiration or another good resource to bookmark please check them out here. They have been so great!

K, I'm back. I'm definitely a 'girls girl' so I questioned the online study because I am such a face to face type of girl. The study I'm doing at the moment is called Open Your Bible. Honestly, the connections with other women have been hard. I'm in the Facebook group of over two thousand women doing this study at the same time and although I think that is sweet so many of us ladies are opening God's word, the connecting part isn't there and I miss that. I don't think online bible studies should ever replace meeting with ladies in your town or church community but I do think they are helpful in certain seasons. Also these videos that go along with the study each week have been really cool and I love them!

One of my prayers as I do this seven week study is to test it out and see if I could lead it in my home one day. One of my biggest struggles is just opening God's word and knowing it is applicable to me today - even if the passage is found in the Old Testament. I've noticed working with students that this struggle is so real in so many of their lives. The bible is 'boring, irrelevant and hard to share with their peers because they aren't inspired by it.' These lies are so damaging because the bible is God speaking directly to us, giving us our daily bread. I have a lot of dreams but this is one of them... leading this study to some students one day.

Have you tried online bible studies? Have you found them successful? Any tips or stories I would love to hear! Or do you have other good online resources to share?

Hope you are having a good week and happy Friday! Baby is kicking me a lot still [which I love] and making me feel so uncomfortable [which I don't love so much]. Getting to sleep has been hard despite how tired I am each evening and staying asleep for more than a couple hours has been tough too... 26 weeks down... almost in third trimester!


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