Top Blog Posts of 2015

so it's mid January already but at the Hockley household we've only been sick so I haven't gotten around to posting this until now.

I love round-ups and really wanted to take some time and look back at some of my favourite blog posts of 2015. If I just went by the statistics all the controversial blogs would win out. It is so true that if I just wanted page views I would write on all the hot topics because that is what people love to read and comment on [hate on]. I definitely included page views in my swaying of creating this post but I've added some of my personal favourites too!

Here's my top 7 posts.
* if you click the title you can check out the blog post in case you missed some of my fav's.

7. My Fear in Blogging + Evolution of ForeverHis

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2015 was the year I decided to give this blog a major facelift and try to right more. I put little exceptions on myself as I enjoy blogging as a hobby but have bigger plans for this space in 2016. Hopefully you will stick around to see them!

6. "Female" Porn + Is Porn Only A Male Struggle

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So this is technically 2 posts. If you click on each title it will take you to them. But 2015 I got over my "afraid to talk about it online fear." Sure, I'd been talking to people about these topics but didn't want to risk the hate I'd get from writing online. Then I took the plunge and am so thankful I did! I've had incredible conversations with so many ladies through this blog and I am so blessed to have had that opportunity. God has given me this small platform and I want to use it to help others get freed from sexual sin and lies.

5. No I Didn't Marry Young Cuz I Wanted Sex

This one was pure fun to write so it makes my top list of 2015. So often we heard this line, well into being married so I decided to write about it and so glad I did. I also appreciated some good conversations that led from this post which I am so thankful for.

4. My 23rd Birthday Letter

So this one didn't win in the page view section but makes the list because I love reflecting on the year God has given me. These posts I look back at frequently to see my personal growth in the Lord and ones I will cherish years later. Note to self: keep writing these because I love them!

3. My Modesty Journey

This one got all the page views and a lot of emails telling me as a Christian I should keep my opinions to myself... but I really enjoyed writing it and don't regret it. This is my journey and I am so grateful for the way God has been so patient with me as I've learnt to love and respect my body. I so want to re write this one in a couple years to see what has changed. I know God will keep teaching me how to love and respect myself and my body and also help out my brothers in Christ.

2. It's A Boy!

My top 2 blog posts on page views had to do with our beautiful son that is coming soon in 2016!! My heart loves that he is getting all the attention already haha. But the best part about this blog is the video. Guys, it is the best ever and I watch it a lot.. like actually a couple times a week still... one of my top favourite memories of 2015 for sure.

1. We're Going to Be Parents

Best Post of 2015 by far and you thought so too! You guys viewed this post over two thousand times...Mark and I are so excited that you are excited with us. The love we received from this blog post was unreal and we are just so blessed by your readership and friendship. Truly, thanks for being excited with us. Here's to many more blog posts about pregnancy and our baby once he is born!

Bring it on 2016! Can't wait to write more on this space. Thanks so much for reading in 2015 and if you have any ideas for me in 2016 for the blog I'd love to hear them. Send me an email!


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