My Favourite Sermon

creeping my man as he practices his preach

Looking at my sweet little families future Mark and I have felt God call Mark to continue full time ministry. We would be happy with whatever God calls us too but we both have felt strongly that Mark should continue to pursue ministry opportunities [on top of his full time job in ministry already].

One of the opportunities Mark had was to preach at our church and the end of January. Mark's preached in a lot of different places and venues but this was a first to our congregation whom we adore and love working for and with.

I was pretty nervous. I had in my head that if it went so poorly and he couldn't get through his notes that maybe we needed to pray harder about hearing God's voice, but I knew 100% that wasn't going to be the case and that was fear speaking.

I sat in the second row, so proud listening to my man speak. I've shared on this space before but this past season has been discouraging for us ministry wise and at times we weren't being encouraged by anyone but only feeling pushback every day. It was beyond refreshing for Mark to be able to preach and the Holy Spirit spoke through him so clearly.

The moment we got home I jumped into his arms [pregnant belly and all] so excited for Him and so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity.

My man can preach! .... but hey I'm his wife who is so in love with him so I am totally biased. But I'd love for you to listen. He is preaching on Matthew 4.

Listen to the sermon here

You will be encouraged and challenged I am sure:)

Here are some of my favourite quotes from his preach

"God will never be the agent of temptation of your life. God will allow you to be tempted, but God will never be  the agent of your temptation"

"God's business is in humility"

vs 6 - Satan takes a passage (Ps 91) and twists it. We need to know our bibles. Satan is the dirtiest snake oil salesman out there.

"Satan offers Jesus the kingdom without the cross. Satan offers Jesus the easy road out."

"We learn that God's word is powerful and that God's word is sufficient."

"the two most powerful beings in the universe fight using God's word - even deuteronomy"

The bible is sufficient: Jesus didn't use bible plus lighting or bible plus fireballs. God's word was sufficient for Jesus to defeat Satan. God's word should be sufficient for us as well. We use God's word plus. God's word plus my own strength.

Satan meant this whole ordeal for evil. Satan meant for God's son to fall into sin. Instead we see:
1) we have a great high priest who has been tempted in all things, yet without sin. He can empathize with us [hebrews 4:14]
2) Jesus Christ in sinless perfection, taking the long road to the glory of God the Father. As He interacts with Satan and was truly tempted He stayed on the path for the love of God the Father but also for the love He has for us, for humanity.

Hopefully Mark gets the chance to preach some more. I will make sure to share them on this space when he does!

Listen to the sermon here

Happy Sunday!

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