So I never knew about this term "baby moon" before I was pregnant but once I got into all the websites and looked at the hashtags I knew it was a full out thing. The premise is just like a honeymoon but it's getting away together as a couple, one last time before baby comes and alone time is limited.

I mentioned to Mark way back in the fall about this concept as it was knew to him too and we decided that the idea sounded like a lot of fun. We've been counting pennies since Mark is back into school [and the upcoming expense of a child] and realized that going away for a week to the sunny south like we did for our honeymoon just wouldn't be an option.

So we decided for a one night stay within driving distance and didn't do anything for our anniversary or valentines day to save some money to afford a night away. In my valentines day card Mark had a hotel booked overlooking Niagara Falls for an evening! I was so stoked! Mark got a sweet deal on wag jag which came with some great coupons for dining out. If money is tight we so suggest going this route - I felt I was living the rich life even though we had all these coupons!

Even though we were away for less than twenty-four hours it was so perfect. Marriage is the best and I am so crazy in love with my husband. Honestly, every day gets better and I love him more. We have the most fun together and he is always finding ways to love and serve me. I am one blessed woman!

I am so excited to meet our son only a couple more LONG weeks but spending this last month with Mark has been so great too. If you are thinking about a baby moon, my advice do it!! Any excuse to get away with your spouse is a good one and it doesn't have to break your bank either.

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