Is Jesus Christ the biggest blast of your life?

One of my all time favourite bible teachers is Beth Moore. You can check out her ministry here and her blog here. I have followed and sat under her teachings since I was a pre-teen and last November I got to see her live in Toronto and it was so wonderful.

I was listening to one of the her teachings recently called "Fun with Jesus" and it just blew me away. I was listening to it during work as background noise so I didn't really catch much but the title stayed with me for days. I asked myself honestly "is Jesus Christ the biggest blast of my life?" That question just continued to swirl around my mind. I love Jesus more than anything in this world. I am crazy about Him and as I get to know Him more I fall deeper in love - but am I having the most fun with Him? Or do worldly things look more fun?

I am one passionate person. I feel deeply, love deeply and serve with everything I am. My personality is an "all in" type when I get committed or believe in something. We were all made for passion though. We all want to feel alive, to be loved, to make this one short life on earth matter. Beth Moore challenges us that if we aren't getting that passion from Jesus where are we getting it from? 

After mulling this around and I told Jesus that I want more fun with Him. See, people sometimes think being a Christian is all about rules and that it's boring. I can guarantee you that it's not. It is a blast and I want to continue to have so much fun with Him.

I went back and actually listened to the three part (only 40 minutes total) video and took some notes to share with you! If you have time I encourage you to watch it. She starts around the 2 minute mark and then she speaks for 15 minutes on each tv program. [part 1, part 2, part 3]

If you don't have time I have summarized her 5 points here. They are gold and so so good.

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Top 5 Ways To Drain The Fun Out Of Following Jesus

1. We keeping saying to Jesus "come follow me."

Jesus asks His disciples to follow Him but so often we tell Jesus to come follow us. Imagine if the disciples just said "Jesus, come mend nets with us instead...wahoo mending nets is so much fun!" Jesus doesn't want us to keep mending nets, He wants us to follow Him and when we do it will be scary and awesome and so much fun... we will never be bored following Him.

2. We don't trust Jesus enough to enjoy Him

We are called as Christians to trust in God but are we scared that we won't be alright? What if we knew that we were going to be okay? That anything Jesus asked us to do or go He would be enough? Paul knew that he was safe following Jesus. Paul writes that he would be delivered to Jesus safely even though Paul knows he will be beheaded. Most times we don't think being beheaded for Jesus is safe but Paul did. He knew that he would see Jesus and be in heaven and that he was okay. Would you follow the thrill of Jesus if you knew you would be okay?

3. We are so scared of the Holy Spirit we've drained the spontaneity

Because of our unbelief we can drain all of the spontaneity out of the Holy Spirit and end up bored. The people who are having the least fun with Jesus are the control freaks. You cannot control the Holy Spirit you can only quench Him. We keep wanting to make God behave but God can't fit and will not fit into our small box of Him.

Instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit we are so scared we will hear wrong or that we will embarrass ourselves that we don't do anything and end up being bored. What if the worst thing that happens is I heard the Holy Spirit wrong and ending up loving on someone or brining them a meal when they didn't need one... so what? who cares!?

4. We have very little faith in the miraculous

What does God credit as righteousness? Faith [Romans 4]. I need to believe by faith. My faith is what is going to make me more Godly and righteous.  Mark 6:5-6 says (talking about Jesus) "And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He wondered at their unbelief." Jesus is marvelling at these people's unbelief. Jesus can do anything and could have done anything in that town had they had some faith and believed. If I believe little, I will see little. We are reaffirming our own unbelief when we don't have faith. Jesus is capable of so much more but we need to believe or else like in Mark 6 Jesus "could do no miracle" because of their unbelief.

5. We cannot fathom that Jesus could enjoy us

Do you believe that Jesus loves you? Like really adores you and exults over you? Zephaniah 3:17 says "The Lord your God is in your midst, A victorious warrior. He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy." Do I believe that Jesus rejoices over me and is proud of me when I take steps of faith and follow Him? Yes, life is tough - but life is tough regardless of following Jesus because we live in a fallen world. Don't you want to journey with someone who has control of the world and loves you?

These are such good reminders and like I mentioned before I have been thinking about them so much.

Yes Lord, you are the most fun of my life and I can't wait to continue to go on these crazy adventures with you. Lord, I want you to be the biggest blast of my life. Help me to have faith to step out and follow you 100%.

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