To All the Husbands with Pregnant Wives

So let me just say right out front that I know us ladies have it harder when it comes to pregnancy. But I feel men don't even get mentioned in these nine months of preparing for a baby and I want to give a shout out to all those husbands who have stepped up big time as us woman are growing a little human inside of us.

If you've followed this blog even for a bit you will know that I am crazy in love with my husband. We don't ever fight [we can remember one time], we have the most fun together and we love serving Jesus with everything we have. I admire my man so much and pray that the Lord continues to use him in mighty mighty ways. 

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I must admit I was a bit naive going into this pregnancy. I know all women have a different story and it's unfair to compare but I had in my mind that I would be tired but overall OK. I had expectations of what I would be able to do and accomplish and I've had a rude wake up call these past couple months.

First trimester started with needing to nap daily and feeling so nauseous. Everyone said wait till second trimester when it would get better. I stopped throwing up around 17 weeks and then by week 20 was starting to feel pain in my pelvis. I had to stop working at Crossroads because walking hurt. Since 30 weeks I haven't been able to walk and when I do I am in pain. Even sitting down and doing nothing hurts and its left me unproductive and so frustrated. At the end of the Christmas season, we found out that my placenta was resting on my cervix and I wasn't able to exercise for the next ten weeks. I started gaining so much weight since I couldn't work out and all those insecurities of being fat and not beautiful started rising to the surface. At 34 weeks I became so tired again. Like showering is a full adventure and I can take a nap right after because I am so tired. I have low iron and I'm taking pills to try and get more energy but at week 36 right now its tough... really tough.

And where is Mark in all of this? His life has changed so much, just like mine but in a different way. He has had to clean so much more. He puts on my socks in the morning and helps me up and down from the couch. He cooks more and takes on pretty much all the housework. As I lay on the couch in the evenings exhausted he is running upstairs getting things for me because he knows stairs take so much time and effort. All the back pain I've had, he has given me daily massages, never complaining. He's been taking on so much responsibility and caring for me in such a beautiful way. To my sweet husband, thank you. Thank you for loving me like Jesus and through all my mood swings, tears and pain thank you for all your support.

& I know Mark isn't the only one. I know there are so many husbands who are faithfully serving their wives through their pregnancy. I know my pregnancy looks easy compared to some woman and their husbands have had to step up huge, being away from their wives as they are in the hospital or dealing with a wife who is on bed-rest. To all of you men, thank you. Thank you so much for being such an incredible example and support. Two become one in a marriage and I know God's perfect plan intended on both the husband and wife to raise a baby. Thank you, husbands for helping with that in those nine months leading up to the birth. 

I woke up two nights ago and ran to the bathroom to throw up. I felt so sick and after sitting by the toilet for another hour I was pretty needy. I woke Mark up at 3am to tell him I was feeling awful and hoping for some back tickles. He didn't even complain but chose to love me and care for me as I was sick. It is these selfless acts that I know men don't get any credit for because pregnancy is mostly about the women - so I want to take this blog post and say a huge thanks to my man and all the men who have walked through pregnancy with their wives. You are the best!!

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  1. So well shared Maddie. It should be more shared.. Thank you. Praying for you to know Jesus near in the weakness. He is so faithful there.


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