We Are Not Of The World

Let's just jump into this one!

I love when people accept me, approve of me, like me, want to hang out with me etc. Who doesn't? It is such a wonderful feeling to be accepted into a group, to feel wanted and cherished by this world. I have such a hard time being on the outside and I fight this need of wanting to be accepted by this world.

But then I read passages like John 15 and it just makes me so sad that I still struggle with this. I've known John 15 for years and years and read it so many times, I've even blogged about it before. Yet I still come back to it and feel so convicted, so ashamed that I am still fighting this. This morning I re read these verses.

John 15:18-19 (NASB)
If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. 

Could this passage be any clearer? It is hard for people to argue over these verses as they are so clear. This is Jesus talking. Jesus. He is saying this. Let that sink in for a minute and re read this passage.

Jesus was not of this world and the world hated Him. Jesus has called me out of this world and the world will hate me also. So why do I yearn for acceptance from the world? Oh my sinful patterns!

To me, I feel like the Lord keeps telling me - "Maddie it is a choice". I can't serve two masters. I can either be apart of this world and the world will love me or I can be following Jesus and the world will not accept me. That is my choice. I can't be walking in both and the Lord doesn't want me to call myself a Christian and then look like the world either. This verse says I am chosen out of the world, my life needs to look different.

I can't be loved by Jesus and be loved by the world. Scriptures are more than clear that I can serve Jesus or this world [Luke 16:13]. I have to make a choice. & I think this choice is daily. As Christians we are called to pick up our cross daily [Luke 9:23]. God is challenging me that I need to daily pick up my cross. I need to daily remember and choose that I am outsider, that I don't belong in this world and that is OK. That is more than ok because Christ is so much better, so much more fun, so fulfilling, so worthy of my life and all my worship. He is so worth it. 

I've made my choice years ago to follow Christ and these past five years I've grown so much being all in for Christ but as I'm on this journey my life needs to reflect more like Jesus and less like the world and that is constant till the day I die or Christ returns. I am so thankful that the God of the universe wrote in His word and communicated so clearly how I ought to live my life.

These two verses are such a good reminder this morning that I am called out of this world and that trying to be accepted by worldly standards is exactly what Jesus doesn't want of me.

Do you struggle with being accepted? Are you trying to live according to the world or to Christ? Does your life look like the world?

If you need a good pump up song to be unashamed for Christ check out Lecrae's outsider video. The lyrics are pure gold too and you can view them here.

I am so glad there are so many 'outsiders' living their lives boldly and unashamed of the gospel. Let's keep running this race strong, and letting God strip away everything that is not of Him. It's a painful process but one that is so worth it.

Lots of Love,

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