Dear Jackson // One Month

Dear Jackson,

First off, we've made it a month. We did it! It really does feel like we've had you forever. Maybe it is because I am so sleep deprived but I can't imagine life without you. I'm not sure what I did without you or how I had so much free time. You really have made my life so much better and I am so thankful for you.

My favourite part right now with you is that you can follow people now. Not more than a meter it seems but when I talk to you, you not only know my voice but can now lock eyes with me. It is just the best seeing you light up and smile when you can see me and hear me! I'm sure I'm a bit blurry still and the colour isn't all that clear but it has been the most fun walking back and forth and watching your head turn and follow me. Sometimes I do wish you could interact with me more - your Dad and I can't wait till you can give us kisses back but I don't want to wish any stage away and I am trying to cherish each day I have with you at each stage.


With growing up you are also staying awake more. You now stay up approx 3-5 hours a day in which you are fully awake and active. Most of this time is me singing to you (sorry about that!) and playing games (which you know nothing about yet) but I am having a blast getting more hours of play time with you.

We call you a "sucky baby" because you still love to be held. I am trying to learn your cries and totally have down pat what a hungry cry vs a needy cry is. Sometimes you just want to be held and snuggled. You will be fussy when we put you in the swing but as soon as someone picks you up you instantly are happy and stop being fussy. It is adorable how you just want some loving but also doesn't make it practical when we need to go to the bathroom or make food.

Jackson, you are growing up so fast and it is amazing to think how much you've changed since you were born. You weigh 9 pounds 12 ounces at one month. We are thrilled with your progress and love you so much. You even attended your first wedding a day before you hit one month and were the best baby ever!

Dad and I can't get enough of you Jackson. We are praying that you learn to love the Lord and choose to live a life following after Him. He is the only thing that truly matters. I am also praying that from the moment you can understand things that you see a genuine, real, raw faith in me and your Dad. I know that it is never too early to start praying for this.

We love you,
Happy 1 Month!!!


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