Products that Make My Momma Life Easier

My sweet baby boy is two and a half months. He now sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours at one chunk in the night. This has honestly made me no longer feel like a zombie. I can function on six hours and Mark normally takes him early in the morning to let me sleep till eight am. We went to the cottage this past weekend with Mark's parents and it was so amazing to just feel a bit of myself again. Motherhood is the best thing in the entire world, but it has been a steep learning curve having someone 100% dependent on me at all times. It is exhausting and a transition for sure.

Through this transition there has been a few products that has helped so much to get me through the first couple months. These products are not things you need to keep your baby alive [everyone knows what those are] but have been so worth the investment to keep my sanity. Every baby is different and every parent has a different want list so in no way am I saying this is what you should buy! Just highlighting some products that have worked for me to reduce my stress and if it can help another momma out than great!!

1. Owlet 
If I can recommend any product to you it is the Owlet [click here to check out their product]. The Owlet is a sock that goes around Jackson's foot. He doesn't notice it and it doesn't bother him at all. It measure his oxygen level and heart rate. If Jackson were to stop breathing the Owlet sends an alarm to my phone and also sends a super loud alarm in our room to get up and try to wake him /call 911. It brings the biggest peace of mind each and every evening when we sleep and when he naps. Mark and I love the Owlet and recommend it to every parent to reduce the risk of SIDS.

2. Rocking Chair / Comfortable Chair
I don't have a lot of extra money so when we were making our baby list a rocking chair didn't make the cut. It wasn't necessary and was more a want than a need, besides I can nurse Jackson in any chair right? We got a rocking chair last minute on this big sale from babies r us and we used my parents gift money towards it. Best decision ever. My back is constantly sore anyways from holding and rocking Jackson so sitting in a comfortable chair is an amazing break and so lovely. The amount of hours in the first couple weeks that I sat in our chair to rock, nurse, sooth and hang out makes the chair so worth it. In the middle of the night sitting on a comfortable rocker is amazing to get through those all nighters. [We purchased this rocker].

3. Nursing Pillow
I spent $70 on a nursing pillow and almost had a heart attack that I was spending that much on a pillow. But I would spend a lot more on that now knowing how helpful it has been. Get a pillow that goes all around you so when you nurse you can set your baby on the pillow and not have any pressure or stress on your back and arms. Whenever I nurse without the pillow or use someone else's pillow it is not the same. I am holding him still and he isn't as comfortable. Since you nurse every 2 hours or so it is one of the best decisions to not have to hold him. Also the pillow has a cover which is so handy for when he spits up. I was going to buy a $30 one but it didn't have a cover- with all the times he's spit up - get the cover! Without this pillow all my other pillows would smell like puke.

4. Swing
Some babies hate the swing [again every baby is different] but Jackson has loved the swing so much!! He wouldn't sleep in the bassinet in our room but would sleep in the swing. Get a swing that doesn't need batteries. Again think investment. We want more than one kiddo and batteries would be so expensive for Jackson let alone another baby. When he is half awake I can turn on the swing and it puts him back to sleep- that alone is worth all the money: a sleeping baby! If a swing doesn't work for your baby my recommendation is have something that works to put him in when you say have to go to the bathroom or maybe eat some food that is on your main floor. It is so wonderful to be able to put him down in something that distracts him. When I leave him just on a blanket on the floor it doesn't work but the swing distracts him and keeps him happy which is amazing. [we got this one on sale for $140 off!] 

5. Burp Cloths
If your baby doesn't spit up then ignore this one, but I've survived these first couple months by having an endless supply of burp cloths. Jacksons spits up after every feed and its been wonderful to always have so many burp cloths on hand so I don't need to do laundry every day. [these are my favourite- super thick]

Again, every baby and momma is different but these products have been so helpful to get me through the first couple weeks. If you have any suggestions on what worked for you I would so love to hear them! Any extra help/advice would be awesome.

Hope you are having an incredible week!


Dear Jackson // Two Months

Dear Jackson,

I can't believe you are two months old! I know each month I write to you that I will say "I can't believe you are this many months" but it is so true. You are growing so quick and changing each and every day.

I am writing this sitting right beside you as you nap in your lamb [swing]. Your hands are all curled up and your toes are sticking out of your blanket because you kicked part of it off already. You look so peaceful not knowing the hardships of the world. All you know right now is that you are so loved. Jackson, you have so many people who are so in love with you. Both sets of grandparents can't get enough of you and all my girlfriends spoil you silly. Along with my prayers for you, I know there are so many people praying for you each and every day. It is so comforting to me knowing there is a community of people helping Mark and I raise you. I feel so blessed and I hope one day you will realize what a blessing this is too.

As the weeks pass on parenting feels more and more natural and we are slowly starting to create patterns. On average you sleep one long chunk - about 4-6 hours. Two nights in your life you've gone 7 hours between feeds and I so hope that becomes more permanent. After your longer chunk of sleep you usually fall back asleep for another hour or so. Then you cry not because you have a dirty diaper or want food but you just want to be held. These early morning moments I either dread or adore. It's one or the other depending on what our day looks like and how long you have slept. But snuggling you when you are so sleepy in the mornings can be such a treat.

Also mornings are when you talk the most. You are learning to talk "coo" so much and you are such a happy baby. That's something everyone remarks on: you are happy and content. You love looking around and when people talk to you, you give them a huge smile. It honestly makes my momma heart melt. Sure you cry and scream but relatively you are so happy.

At around six weeks you went from two hours between feeds to three. This has changed my life! On average a feed takes you 20 minutes and then burping and diaper changes brings it to a half hour. Instead of only have 1.5 hours until the next feed I know get 2.5 hours and it has made such a difference. I can now eat my food sometimes so thank you Jackson:)

You love your carseat and every time we go for a drive you fall asleep. Hopefully when we head up to the cottage next week it will be a smooth ride and you can sleep most of the way. You are getting better at tummy time and can hold your head up for about 40 seconds before you crash. I love encouraging you and cheering you on! You look at me like and I think you're saying "mom, please stop. I've got this." Sometimes I so wish you could talk to me, yet most times I think you would be telling me that I'm crazy!

You love music [which baby doesn't] so worship music is normally playing in the house. I sing to you constantly even though I have the worst singing voice ever. Good thing you just like hearing my voice and that doesn't seem to bother you.

I thank God every day that he is given you to me and I honestly mean that. Jackson, being your momma is the best thing that has ever happened. I can't think of anything more rewarding and something with such purpose. I pray over your sweet life that you would do great things for the Lord. I love dreaming about what those things might be and who you could disciple and lead. It excites me and then I get back on my knees and pray for you. Praying that you would know Jesus because I know thats something only the Holy Spirit can do, not me.

I love this parenting thing and I am again so thankful for your Dad! I have the utmost respect for single parents and grandparents who are raising their kids children and all the other people that have stepped up and are being 'parents' to certain kiddos. I applaud them and am cheering them on. Jackson, I am not sure I would be a good momma without Mark. He keeps me stable and helps out so much. He loves you so much and watching you too interact is one of my favourite things. You watch him with such awe. It will be so fun when Dad can do more stuff with you!

So happy two months my "Jackson baby." I love you more than I will ever be able to express to you in this letter. Let's see what month three has to offer us. I am praying for you all day every day.

Love your Momma

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