Dear Jackson // Three Months

Happy Three Months!!

My dear baby,

You are my favourite! As each day passes I fall more in the love with you. You've had a personality since day one. Many people couldn't believe you could smile at three weeks and that you would respond to them talking to you. I can't count the number of times people have told me "oh, he is passing gas." I never corrected them but I knew you were smiling and interacting with the world around you. Now that you are three months your personality has only become more defined and I am so crazy about it.

My favourite moment right now is the mornings. I go up to you and say good morning. When you glance at me and see me for the first time you light up with a massive smile, mouth open and start kicking your little legs. You are so happy and we chat about how you slept. You smile and almost have a shy look as you smile so big and then look away and then back at me. I cherish this every morning and it never gets old. You are such a happy baby. You love looking around and seeing the world. You now have good control over your head and I don't need to hold it anymore. With this new strength you are constantly looking around and people can't hold you like a baby anymore (except when you are sleepy).

You finally like being on your stomach. This has taken some time but I can confidently type by three months you have gotten the hang of this. I can put you on your tummy and you remain happy! So proud of you and all your little accomplishments.

Also this month you have figured out you have hands. Now, I can't type that you've completely figured this one out. It is so funny when you pull your soother out with your hand and then start crying because it isn't in your mouth anymore. I tell you every time that you are doing this, but I don't think you understood. But you do know you have hands. You examine them constantly and most times you put them in your mouth. You can now hold onto things and you have gotten the hang of holding onto Sophie, Owl and Ellie and they normally go straight into your mouth.

You are a fast eater and I am totally comfortable nursing now. Nursing has never been a huge struggle for me, but it is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. Now though, we have a schedule and I am thankful [even though I know the schedule could change any moment]. You eat every three hours and you only need fifteen minutes.

Your sleep schedule is also starting to create some patterns. We have a fairly good bedtime schedule down and you are sleeping throughout the night waking up 2-3 times for a feed. You head to bed around 8pm but this just started last week. Before you were up till 10pm but slept till 8ish with a couple of feeds.

As the days pass, the rhythm of motherhood gets easier and more comfortable which results in more confidence. I think this happens because I now sleep. Looking back at those first two months, I didn't really sleep ever. It is so amazing the strength the Lord gave me in those beginning stages of motherhood. You just kind of float through the day. My goal was always "just survive." Keep you alive and me and I was doing my job. Now, at three months I am able to do a bit more. This past week you've been sleeping by 8pm and like I wrote earlier this is a game changer. I have two hours in the evening to do life, to spend time with your Daddy and write this blog!

Jackson, you are growing and I am loving you more each and every day [and I didn't think I could love you anymore]. I cherish everything you do and keep these memories tucked in my heart. You are pure JOY in my life. I thank God probably ten times a day that He has given me to you. I try to keep at the forefront of my mind that you are God's child. You are His. He has complete control over your life and He has entrusted Mark and I to parent you but that you are His. The love God has for you baby is unreal. Because my love for you is indescribable I can't even fathom that God loves you so much more. Jackson, He is so good. You have a good good heavenly Father (and an amazing earthly Daddy too)!

Happy three months my handsome boy.

I love you so much,


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