Purpose in the Ordinary

"What has God been teaching you lately?"

If you hang out with me in person most likely I will ask you this question. It's one that encourages and challenges me I love hearing what God is doing and how he is moving in your life.

Often times I ask myself that question (normally I ask myself once a day) to keep me accountable to continue to grow in my relationship with God. But recently in these new momma days I haven't been sure. If you were to ask me I would say He is so good, moving in my life but articulating what I have been learning would be hard. 

I love listening to podcasts when I feed Jackson to pass the time and one of Matt Chandlers sermons came on. His sermon was on corporate worship but one point that rocked me was when he said [I'm paraphrasing] that God is working in the ordinary. Yes, it is totally good to desire the emotional high and the mountain top faith experiences but that doesn't sustain us. He went on to say that sustainable faith building moments are often the 'boring' not very glamours kind: its ordinary. This wasn't even his main point but the Spirit totally took this thought and made it so real to me. Chandler says that "we have been stunted by a desire for the spectacular." 

Yup. That is me. I long for the big moments, that spectacular worship experience and although I am allowed to long for those things I have to remember that those spectacular moments don't sustain me or my faith. That biblically and historically those miraculous outpourings have rarely sustained the people of God. Matt said "very quickly they [people] begin to worship the outpouring and not the one who poured it out... Although I want the special presence of God...I don't want to neglect the ordinary graces of God that by faith I acknowledge that He is at work, that He is moving, that He is doing something even if it 'looks boring'."

Bam. The Holy Spirit spoke straight to my heart. "Maddie, I am in the ordinary. Worship me, find me and seek me in the ordinary."

It was so refreshing to have this guilt per say be lifted off of me. Because guess what -these Momma moments have felt ordinary. Most days I don't even leave my house. I've been wrestling with how I can make disciples and do more for the kingdom when I am rocking a baby all day long. I have been craving the spectacular and forgetting that God is working in the ordinary.

So that is what God has been teaching me lately. That ordinary is ok. That ordinary is what sustains my faith. That yes, God is in the miraculous and spectacular but He is also just as present in the ordinary moments of changing diapers and rocking my son. 

Lord, sorry that it took me so long to get this lesson but thank you for speaking to my heart and teaching me. I pray that I would seek you in the ordinary and be okay with the ordinary things in life. Thank you for putting a desire in my heart for wanting more, but in this new momma season thank you for being so tangible and present in the ordinary. 

Are you in a season of wanting more? Are you learning every day lessons in the ordinary? Maybe you aren't wading the waters of being a new momma but your life is feeling rather plain and ordinary. Let me encourage you that God is working and active in the "dry ordinary seasons" and is doing something in you if you allow Him.

Hope you have such an incredible weekend!
Love from a woman finding purpose in the ordinary.

ps. talk about ordinary! This post took 4 nap times to write because my baby hates to sleep! :| also if you are interested in the sermon check it out here . So good!  

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