The "S" Word

I marvel at the way God changes us. As Christians, in my mind, you've got to love change. On this earth we are constantly changing into the likeness and image of Christ. I have seen my life completely transform and I know this change will only continue as I journey with Christ.

One journey that has totally rocked me is this idea of submission. I've wrestled with submitting to my husband and submitting to God and trying to figure out if that word could mean the same thing for years. I've come to a conclusion after years of searching that submission is a freeing word, not an oppresive one. & after learning to live this out for a couple years I can say it is so great!

I tried typing this post out but I just felt like it was easier to share my thoughts over a video. So I'm pretending to have tea (instead of a sleeping baby who wouldn't sleep unless he was in my arms) and chatting to you about my journey with submission and what it means to me now.

If you have questions/thoughts I'd love to connect! Send me a message. Maybe we can even chat in person over tea/coffee, I'd so love that.

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