Back to School!

I did not like school. I always tried really hard and had a good work ethic but I did not enjoy school. At the end of high school I was still under the impression that if you were smart you went to university. I am so thankful that notion isn't portrayed today as many university grads are heading to college to get skills over theory. Anyways point is: school isn't for me.

Yet, as a new momma with a four month old baby I have enrolled in the Wedding Planners Institute  of Canada. Its a three month online course to become a certified wedding planner and I am so excited to be back in school and trying to get certified!

I have always loved weddings and had collected magazines and followed many wedding blogs in high school but it wasn't until I headed to South Africa that I knew this was something I could really enjoy. My friend let me shadow her in a couple weddings she did and I had an absolute blast. I loved the pressure of trying to plan and execute a couples perfect day. Having the opportunity to be apart of that is truly an honour and I just really enjoyed it. I didn't think anyone would pay someone to plan their wedding but after planning my own I realized you still need someone to execute the bride's dreams. 

I still needed someone to open the church, but corsages on the grandparents, send me down the aisle at the exact time the music started and with clean up and running the evening on time. There are many more details but I realized that I could help brides with this stuff even if no one wanted to pay me for their whole wedding. This train of thought started two years of dreaming of becoming a wedding planner to the point where Mark said, just take the course.

So I'm back in school. I have no idea if I will ever become a full time wedding planner. I know it would be a great job with kiddos one day as I can mostly work from home but who knows what God has in store. It would be so neat to have Mark and I do a service together. We can do marriage counselling, Mark will marry them and I will plan the wedding! But those are just dreams... for now I am excited to learn more about this industry and Lord willing be able to plan a few weddings.

So as I'm typing this I should put in my shameless plug... do you know anyone that is getting married and would like some help? Tell them I'm available!! I've coordinated a few weddings so far and have experience but would love to help out some more couples make their perfect day a reality. 

OK, baby is sleeping so I really should be studying inside of blogging. It's a busy fall season as Mark is also in school getting his masters and working full time and oh yeah, we have a baby! 

Happy October!:)

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