Dear Jackson // Seven Months

My dear baby boy,

You are SEVEN months already. That is insane how fast you have been growing and how quickly the days have already passed. I held an eight week old baby boy and couldn't believe the difference.. oh my how are you are growing! The days are long between naps and feeds and you never leaving my side these days but I can't believe you are seven months and we are celebrating your first Christmas. 

This month I want to focus on stories and fun things you are doing! Let's begin:)

This month we tried to cut out one of two night feeds. The first night you cried over an hour and a half. It was so painful. By the end of the week you got more into a routine but it is still hit or miss. My milk hasn't been coming in and I had a scare that I wasn't going to continue being able to breastfeed so the night feedings started again this past week because I was afraid you were waking up hungry. So sleeping through the night still isn't happening for us at seven months. Normally we hang out once or twice in the night and you fall asleep around 7:30pm. It all depends on how you nap.... speaking of which, we need to work better on these naps. I also did the cry it out because after six months I was going insane not having any time to myself in the day (to go to the bathroom, make lunch do anything really) and was jealous of those mommas who get hours on end. I knew it was possible so I let you cry and cry. Some days are still twenty minutes, but other days you can nap 1.5 hours! There is no pattern or rhythm to your naps yet but I hope we will get there by the end of the month. I just want some routine.

You now army crawl every where all day long. You can do circles in our home and you love eating shoes, shoelaces and our outdoor mat that is so gross. You get up on all fours and rock but when you start moving you always resort to army crawling. When you aren't moving around in circles your favourite things to go for is electrical cords and outlets and our phones. You think cords are the greatest thing and you love crawling up to them and eating them. This constantly makes me worried that you will hurt yourself, so getting anything done in a closed concept house is hard. Even making breakfast is tough because you find the cords through the blankets and pillows we put on them. It's funny how much determination you have! I love it as a character trait.

The biggest thing this month is the 'sexy pose.' It is the cutest thing ever. You crawl for a bit and then turn around and look back at us or look around and it is the best. In order to balance yourself you put your hand on your hip and cross your legs. You look like a model so every time you do it (which is about 50x per day) we say "sexy pose" and you smile at us and then keep crawling. 

You have two bottom teeth that are in and you are drooling so much. I don't think you can get any cuter but you do, these teeth are the most adorable!

This month you have started loving bath time. You've always sat still and never cried but didn't really play. Now you "kick those leggers" and smile and giggle when the water starts to splash you. My momma heart explodes overtime as you laugh in the bath. It is such a privilege watching you grow up. 

The Christmas tree is up and you love scooting over and grabbing off all the ornaments and trying to eat them. You can't pull yourself up yet, although you are trying and are very close. I think next month's letter I will be able to say that you have mastered this skill. 

I made a small Christmas list of things to do and see...not that you will remember any of it this year. I believe in a simple, not stressful Christmas where we reflect on Christ and not on materialism and I want to start this tradition as a family right from the start. Your daddy loves to bless others through gift giving so I know that will always be a big part of your Christmas tradition but it was so fun seeing Santa with you, watching the parade, going to the nativity and hopefully driving through some Christmas lights. You love lights and I think you will really enjoy that... even if its just for me to get some more photos! A part of me wishes you could play in the snow this year because all of that from your viewpoint would seem so magical but since you slither on the ground you would eat a lot of snow and I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy it. 

You still eat out of your bumbo and are a really good eater. We still stick to fruits but add protein powder, different oils, iron and vitamin D to the fruit to keep you full. I am still breastfeeding but as I wrote above we have had some issues but hopefully they will work themselves out and we can continue a bit longer. My goal is to feed till about a year but whatever happens happens and I have to be okay with that. Not to keep adding to the breastfeeding stories but one of my favourite things is after your tummy is full you always talk in the most adorable voice. Every time you have a good meal you tell us about it and it is so awesome. I hope I never forget that.

Another thing I don't want to forget (hence why I'm trying to write it out... will baby number two get all these blog posts...hmm) is that you started giving kisses. Basically you give us slobbery kisses and you stick your face into ours but man, your Dad and I love it and we think it's the best. Jackson, if you haven't noticed, we think everything you do is the best. 

You are becoming closer to me and most days you never leave my side. When I leave the room you follow me or you whine until I pick you up. The first few days I thought this was awesome and now it is difficult because I can't do anything but hang out with you which is OK but when I'm trying to launch my wedding planning business it is pretty hard to get work done during the day. I am trying to just enjoy every moment with you, to soak it all in, to not forget. You my boy, are worth every minute.

Writing you this letter in a complete snow day. All the roads and completely closed and no one can leave Elmira. I made two different soups and invite my immediate family over. What a crazy day it has been. Too bad I am writing this letter late, but happy seven months my baby. Love you so very much. xo


Your momma 

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