Jackson's First Christmas

I married a guy who adores Christmas. Mark starts the countdown and most days declares that it is almost Christmas. Mark loves buying gifts for people and spends hours thinking about how he can bless them. Also our tree is up mid November (we normally try to wait after Remembrance Day). I love Christmas, the magic of it, the thrill of hope reflecting on Jesus as his birth but being married to Mark makes me love Christmas so much more.

then we had a baby....

and Christmas is literally the best ever! Even though Jackson will have no memory of his first Christmas I am so thankful to my family who spoiled him and celebrated with us! I can't wait for next Christmas where we talk about Jesus and how this holiday was created because of the Christ child coming into the world to save us.

Here are a few of my favourite Christmas pictures! ( There would be too many for his 8 month letter so I thought Christmas photos deserved their own post- enjoy!)

 Jackson, thanks for making Christmas 2016 the best ever. We love you! xo

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