"We are care about the poor. We care about our neighbours. But if we don't have margin to help them, what can we do?" - Rachel Kincaid 

The influence network held a conference in Nashville and Rachel was one of the speakers. I wish I could have flown down and been apart of it but thankfully I follow most of these ladies on instagram and they posted so many insta stories I felt like I was right there. This quote came across my stories and I took a screen shot of it, knowing that I wanted to reflect on it later. I often take screen shots of quotes and 90% of the time I forget about them...but this stuck with me and days on end I would ponder it. I didn't need to open my phone because I had it memorized after the first hour. I honestly have no idea where she was going with this (cuz I wasn't at the conference) but God used this to speak something strong to me anyways.


Leaving space for the Holy Spirit to move.

Not scheduling my life so close together that when the Holy Spirit speaks I have time to do the thing.

Recently when running errands I will sit in my car and pray "Lord, open my eyes to what you are seeing, give me an opportunity love your people like you do." I'm trying to have a different mindset instead of my normal get in and get out as fast as possible and it has been incredible. I've had conversations with a mother in Walmart, had the time to small talk with a girl at Starbucks, wasn't annoyed when my order was taking to long etc. Even at church, when I've scanned the room and whispered to the Lord "who needs encouraging this morning" it is incredible to see who I've chatted with that Sunday and then had follow up conversation or something happened in their life and from that conversation I was more useful. Sometimes nothing happens and that is OK. I think it has more to do with my willingness to be used and my heart to slow down and focus on Christ throughout the day.

But those are the few times I've been intentional about it. More often, I get in/get out and live my tightly scheduled day unable to leave room for the Spirit to move and unable to hear his voice if He wanted to speak.

I want to get better at this, I need to get better (only by His strength) because I don't want to miss out on opportunities to be Jesus to this hurting broken world.

As a child of God, I am light to this world, I am hope. I want to have more time to bring that hope and light because it is so refreshing and so life giving.

I really care about the poor, the widow, the orphan. I want to love my neighbour and serve them. & I really believe so many of you do too. But how effective can we be when we don't allow time for us to love and serve them? If we only give God ten minutes to speak into our day how are we suppose to hear him, or if we do hear Him how are we supposed to do the thing when our ten minutes are already up?

I'm all for working and working hard, but I am also learning to be more flexible and pray more about how I can help, love and serve others better. I don't want to miss these opportunities and I know I am because when I truly take the time and posture my heart God shows up. I can hear Him more clearly and am amazed at what I can see.

Remember God isn't a distant God and far off. You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, sanctifying you into the likeness of Christ every single day. You have God living in you, right there with you, leading and guiding.

Push into what He is directing you to do so we can love the poor and serve our neighbours better, all for the glory of God.


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