Dear Jackson // Nine Months

To my not so little baby anymore,

Yay for nine months. You have been out in this world longer than you were in me. That is so crazy. Pregnancy was the longest for me and I didn't like it but some days it feels like you were just born, how are you nine months already?

Yet when I look at all you do in a day and accomplish I can see how far you've come. Your daddy and I comment almost every day how it never takes you long to learn a new skill. For example: you climb up onto everything. You got this skill late December but now in February you are figuring out you can climb up on everything. Stairs, play pens, our fireplace/bookshelf, refrigerator and the most fun/annoying one our legs. It only takes you a few tries to figure it out.

This month as your personality is more defined it is clear how determined and risk taking you are. Both dad and I are super determined (....stubborn.....) so we know you get that from us but the risk you take fully trusting and confident in your ability is definitely not a trait from Momma. You climb all over the furniture and move around even if both your arms aren't holding on anymore. You have had a few nasty falls in spite of these risks but overall you've been good. You know how to get down (most times you get down by eating whatever thing you are getting down from) but it is still a bit scary.

You have a zebra walker that you use to get around. You crawl up to it, pull yourself up and off you go, walking around the house. You are a busy busy boy. In no way could you walk yet without the walker but with it, you are a star! You walk so fast sometimes it amazes us. It's crazy to me to think of the days where I didn't have to chase you around all day and where you sat in your chair looking around at everything. I am so thankful for your new skills but man it's exhausting.

Sleep - last month I was typing that you didn't sleep and this month I can't type that we have a pattern. I didn't really experience much postpartum when you were born but at eight months I was loosing it. I send some really awful thoughts and was just so tired it was hard to have a good perspective. I felt like I was failing as a momma and couldn't see it getting any better. Mark obviously picked up on my emotions and we made a plan. He said he would help in the night times and we would do cry it out with one feed. I have done all the nights since Jackson was born because 1) Mark works in the morning and I can nap when Jackson naps and 2) I would always nurse in the night time when Jackson would wake up so Mark couldn't be helpful since he didn't have any milk (and pumping didn't work for me... nothing would come out and it was painful so that was out).

Anyways, we did the cold turkey cry it out. Jackson your determination set it. You cried nine nights for over an hour bloody murder cry. Most of the articles said each night the crying time would get less and less but for you it wasn't. Some nights it was 1.45 hours and others just over an hour but it was awful and painful and you cried/fought hard. Your daddy was so helpful and we would switch every other night watching you on the monitor to make sure you were OK. It was super discouraging and really dark week+ because we thought it wasn't working because your crying time never decreased. And then just like typical Jackson form on night ten you just slept through the night and woke up at 5am for a feed. I am still doing a night feed (5am) because you are pretty tiny (not even 16 pounds) so I want to keep giving you milk. I think around 10 months we will cut the last feed. I am excited to stop breastfeeding soon but at the same time I am cherishing every time I feed you. There is something so beautiful and so natural about feeding you.

You sleep 7-5am for a feed and then back to sleep till around 7/730. It is amazing! I have my life back! We have also worked on naps and every other day it works. I don't think we've ever had two good nap days but when its a good nap day you will sleep twice for over an hour. This is huge and I am just so happy.

Words you know now: KISS - you give kisses to everyone it is the best thing ever
- you can TURN PAGE like a pro with books (you've been doing this for a couple months but I think you know the word now)
- you know SHAKE IT - whatever is in your hand you will shake
- KICK THOSE LEGGERS - when I chant that you kick your legs..mostly in the bath and splash everywhere and my heart explodes with love every time. I don't think this will ever get old
- NO - you know NO and sometimes you listen. You will now leave garbage and most cords alone but you fight me every time with your owlet sock charger. There is something about those lights on the charger that memorize you.

Still no Momma or Dada.. .even though we work on it every day! We also work on CLAP every day but you just smile at me.

Since its 9 months we are introducing vegetables. You love sweet potatoes and butternut squash, hate peas and don't care for carrots. We still mix in fruit along with protein powder and good oils/fats. I also give you vitamin D drops and cut open iron pills that I mix with your food twice a week. When we stop breastfeeding (whenever that day is) I will not be introducing cows milk or formula but we will go to water. You already drink some water in a zippy cup but you are getting more nutrients from the oils/fats I give you than you would ever get in cow's milk. You actually get 4x the amount of nutrients so I'm very confident after getting educated and meeting with my nutritionist that I won't be doing cows milk. But eating is going really well. You are a good eater and eating lots and it's working. I am so thankful for this and our nutrition plan! It's so important that every family is happy with their feeding schedule (whatever that looks like) and I am thrilled with ours:)

Alright my sweet baby! Happiest of nine months to you:) Every day we spend together is an absolutely JOY. Thank you for sleeping better and giving me back some routine...aka.. your Daddy and I workout now together 3x a week and you love running the track in your stroller with us. Routines are my groove and I love them and this month I can we are getting some routine down and I am ecstatic! Let's keep this up.



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