Dear Jackson // Ten Months

Dear Jackson,

Seriously? Ten months! You are growing so fast. I can't believe it. I feel I've mentioned this before but the days are super long and the weeks go by in the blink of an eye.

I just re read your nine month letter and there isn't many new things to add. You have just progressed in all the habits you've started at nine months. You still use your walker to walk around everywhere. Last night you took one step towards me which was super exciting but still no where near holding your balance to walk.

You now eat 1/2 puree food and 1/2 cut up food. You still only have two teeth which is proving to be difficult when trying to feed you because you can't really chomp at it yet. But you LOVE feeding yourself. It is one of the only times you are quiet. Since you love feeding yourself you don't like when I do. The only way I can get you not to cry when we do puree food is by watching music videos or daniel tiger neighbourhood. Even when you are full out crying if I play "deep cries out" by Bethel Kids you instantly get mesmerized and stop crying, allowing me to continue the feed. Many parents are anti tv/screens before age 2 and I've read up on some of those reasons but I believe in choosing my battles and eliminating tv is not one I want to tackle. I want to be sensitive to it so we try to only watch music videos when you refuse to eat. And I keep telling myself it's a phase so hopefully you will like to eat food again, or we will just stop doing puree.

You've definitely been growing a bit more. We bought you clothes way back in September and now its March and we haven't had to buy anything...yet... but now it seems that some of your pants and clothes are tight which makes me excited that we get to go shopping again! I weighed you (on our home scale) and you hit 17 pounds! It was exactly 17.0 but hey we got there and that is exciting! Most people comment on your size and how you are still so tiny but I love it. Also for practical reasons you have been able to fit into your carseat all winter long which makes my life super transporting you everywhere.

You still know the same words, still aren't clapping (even though I've continued trying) and I guess the new word would be "come." Yes, it sounds like a dog but when I say it and wave my hand to come to me you normally do. It's super cute.

You now sit in big part of the grocery carts. When we head to costco you love looking around and scratching all the grocery items. One of my favourite things is when you go grocery shipping with Daddy. Mark likes to shop (cuz he is so picky and I don't mind one bit!) and he takes you on a Daddy/son date. It is the cutest and you are always on your best behaviour. It is really easy taking you out as long as you have slept and ate.

Breastfeeding has changed a bit. I don't feed every 3-4 hours anymore just morning and night. This has worked well this past month and you have transitioned so well. You get distracted even if you hear the slightest noise and I think you are slowly outgrowing it. I feed at 5am when you wake up and then you fall back to sleep for another couple hours and then I feed right before you head to bed. I hope to continue this as long as possible. I was worried about stopping breastfeeding right before I go back to work but this transition has been pretty smooth so I can continue with those two times.  Other than the two feeds, you just drink water during the day and still get all your nutrients from your food. We've tried countless sippy cups and the one that you love the best is a gatorade water bottle that Dad and I drink from. You only want to drink the same ones we do. We tried for a couple weeks and then just gave up and bought you on like us. You love it, except it isn't child proof so if I'm not watching you water goes everywhere!

There is always something to disrupt your sleep but we are getting there. Just recently I figured out if I put a soother clip on your pjs' that when you wake up in the middle of the night you will find it and go back to sleep. This could be a game changer because when you wake up in the middle of the night you are still crying for a good long time. You weren't soother dependent before but I think with your teeth coming in (hopefully) you have liked it more and now you know how to put it back in this has been super helpful.

You are the best baby and I love hanging out with you every day. Just thinking about heading back to work makes me super grumpy and emotional but know that God is in control and has your sweet life in His hands, and God has the very very best for you.

I love you more and more each day, not what you can do for me but because of who you are my baby. I think about that parallel with Christ. He loves you and me just the way we are and nothing we do for him or can do for him changes his love towards us. I always think I need to do great things for Jesus and being your momma has given me fresh perspective on how Jesus must feel towards me. It is beyond comprehensible the love God has for us. Thank you for letting me learn such sweet lessons from you Mr. Jackson. I pray every day you will grow up knowing Jesus and his great love towards you.

Happy Ten Months My Baby Boy,

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