Dear Jackson // Eleven Months

Dear Jackson,

What a little man you have become. Life has been busy around here and since you turned eleven months on April 12, I am writing this on May 3. Yes, your birthday party is 1.5 weeks away and I am telling everyone that you are one year old. So this letter is going to be super short because I am feeling really guilty. But in my defence, your pictures were taken semi- close to eleven months so that is a win!

Highlights from this past month:

1) YOU ARE WALKING! It started with standing up and falling towards us, then baby steps (still totally falling forward) then within two weeks you are fully walking around our home. It is so incredible to watch you concentrate and try to figure it out. It's a joy watching you learn and discover.

2) You love putting toys into other toys and stacking. This is one of your favourite things that you do multiple times a day. You will put your toy balls into containers and shake them, carrying them around. You will put your soother in my used tea mug and then take it out again. You are starting to build towers and play with puzzles and you are getting the idea that certain toys have a function and a place and aren't just used for "shaka shakas." This also means that you think things go in the toilet

3) This is Daddy's favourite. You love how your voice echos when you talk into a mug, any cup or any bucket. You will talk into it and then pull back and think it is the coolest ever

4) You started waving hello and goodbye and when we yell "yay" you wave both arms in the air. Aunty Livi gets all the credit for teaching you this skill.

5) You love talking on your cell phone. You pretty much use any toy and put it to your ear and smile and we exclaim "hello." You also love FaceTime and face timing the family.

6) You learnt how to high five... yet you don't clap and I've been trying to teach you to clap for months and months!

Love that you are learning and growing so much. Praying for you daily, that you would know Jesus' love through me and that I would rely on Jesus for all my parenting strength.

Jackson you are a JOY. I am so in love with you. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be Jackson's momma. What a good good Father you are.

Love you my sweet 11 month old (11.75 month old:))

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