I never thought I would write this blog post. I am known as an Elmira-snob. I literally love this town with my whole heart and want to see my family and kiddos grow up here. Both my parents and Mark's parents are here and all of our siblings live close by too. I want Jackson to go to the same elementary school I went too. This area is comfortable and in my opinion so dang cute.

But God. He knows best. His comfort is better than any comfort I could get from my little town (that actually isn't so little anymore).

After much prayer we sensed God calling us somewhere else. While seeking where God wanted us Mark came across an amazing associate pastor position. He loved the job description and the way they valued everything we valued in ministry. Then after some more research we found out that we knew the head pastor, who we love and think very highly of. He is a great leader and just got really excited about the "what if's" and "what are the chances that at this exact time he needs an associate pastor and Mark needs a new position." I told Mark not to apply since it was too far away but he did and I am so thankful he did.

After countless hours of prayer and seeking God's heart, visiting Gravenhurst and then church, meeting the elders and having supper with the Pastor and his wife we drove the two and a half hours home just in awe of God. He is so so good. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. God opened the doors when they were closed and did His thing. If you get one thing out of this post I want it to be that God is working still today and that He cares. The timing wasn't how I had expected it, but I've learnt by now that it is never with the Lord. His timing is best and if we would have looked years ago this opportunity wouldn't have been there.

So here I am. Giddy, excited, expectant, scared, nervous, overwhelmed and already tearing up at the thought that I can't have family dinners multiple times a week. My family are my best friends and the people I want to hang out with. Jackson had full time childcare between his grandparents which is the most amazing thing and such a neat thing to have rich deep realtionships with his grandparents. I'm nervous to make friends again, scared about trying to find a place to live but overall so at peace. I know this where God is calling Mark and our sweet family and being in God's will is the only thing I want.

I was saying to Mark this week that I just love Jesus so much. Jesus really is my best friend and I am so in love with Him. We chat all the time and through these last couple of months it's been really tough but Jesus has been so present so gracious so good. I told Mark that if Jesus calls us anywhere in the world we would go, happily because all I want is to serve Him; to give Jesus away because I 100% believe He is the answer and the HOPE this world needs. And if I believe that, my life needs to be an example of that. So although my worldly comfort is being stripped from me and leaving my family and cute town will be sad it is nothing compared to the excitement I have of doing this for Jesus. His will be done, not mine.

So logistically (everyone has been asking this) we will start the very end of August and hopefully move in somewhere then too. I will look for work once we are settled and I know the area/jobs etc. We would like to only have one vehicle to keep our costs down but I am praying for a job that is part-time where Mark could watch Jackson and I work a couple evening shifts and could take a car. We will see though what comes of this. The church has committed to two years and so have we. We will see what happens and go from there.

One last thing to add that I want to remember. I haven't seen Mark this excited in so long and it is just the most beautiful thing ever as his wife. So will you pray for us if you think of it? I am so messed up and can always use prayer! Pray for this transition and that we would leave well. And pray for Calvary Baptist. That Mark would be the pastor God wants him to be and I would be a great pastor's wife, whatever that means. I honestly have no idea still.

Thanks for journeying with us. Thankful for your readership and your interest in our little life.


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