Excited to share the news that the Hockley family is growing! We know every child is a miracle and are just praising Jesus for the little life living in me.

People always say you spend so much time on baby number one, but my the second and third you are in a different season - that statement is so true! I love these babies the same and am so joyous towards this baby but it is different. Need an example? Check out my last baby announcement On the blog here. This time around... a heart felt blog post with a photo I made Mark take with me and a toddler who just wants to run around and not take the photo:|

I think the main reason it is different this time around is that I have been so so sick. If you've been following this blog for a while you will know that with Jackson I had some morning sickness too, I may have even said how sick I was. Perspective is funny. Thinking back on carrying Jackson doesn't even feel like I was sick compared to this baby. This baby has taken every last ounce of energy from me for the past three months. I have also been extremely sick. The dicletin has kept the dizziness and nauseaous at bay but the pills make me so tired that I can't function. I've really wrestled with not feeling myself as we've packed up our home and moved and tried to transition into a new community all well feeling so tired and sick. So maybe I'll make Mark do a real photo shoot with me once I start feeling better. 

I am out of first trimester so hopefully this all day sickness and tiredness goes away shortly. God really is good though because I've been too sick to work or hold a job and right now I'm unemployed so that has been a blessing that I can sleep when Jackson sleeps. Mark and my motto right now is just to survive, not thrive. Aka: the kitchen and bathrooms are dirty but Jackson is alive and fed and loved and that is my job and then I sleep all the rest of the time. 

Baby is due early April - but I'm scared to tell people the exact date because Jackson was 10 days late and I grew very impatient waiting for our sweet little bundle. Jackson and baby will be just under two years apart as Jackson's birthday is in May. 

Anyways, SO EXCITED to share the news on the blog and this space. It will all be different up in Gravenhurst and if I'm totally honest I really want to give birth at Grand River and have my St. Jacobs midwives again- not give birth in an unknown city without all my family support. However, I am excited to welcome another life into this world! Kids are such blessings and I am thrilled for another child. 

To my baby: Jesus knows you, loves you and is forming you in my womb. I've had two ultrasounds already and been able to see your sweet little body growing and forming. You even waved to me and the technician with your little arms. 

 Baby you are loved. By the creator of the world who sees you and has plans for your life that will matter in eternity. Your momma and dada love you so much already and we are praying that you continue to grow and grow strong. You are loved dear one. You are seen. You are known. 

We love you. I love you.  I love you even if I don't ever feel better for nine months. You are so worth it. 

Can't wait to meet you sometime (hopefully) in April! 


*also this is why I haven't blogged in a couple months... I've been permantely sick:( Am hoping and praying I will start feeling like "Maddie" again and can get settled and keep writing, and also clean those bathrooms and kitchen;)

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