Dear Marlowe // Four Months

 Dear Marlowe,

Four months with you baby girl. Every month just gets better and better. You now smile at me every time I get you from your crib or talk to you. You follow everyone and when we put you in your chair you always do you sit ups -it really is your signature move at this point. You still have a very serious resting face but I fall more in love with you every day and in my opinion, each day you get cuter and cuter. 

Speaking of this month - the big news is that we transferred you to your room this month, into your crib and it was flawless. Transferring Jackson took weeks and so many tears so I was preparing for an all nighter when I laid your down in your dark room by yourself in a crib. First night: you slept the exact same and you've never looked back. I actually think you prefer your crib and your own space. Sometimes you like being by yourself instead of being held so this goes along with your personality perfectly. The only way I feel comfortable leaving you in your own room at three months is your Owlet. That heart rate monitor is the best gift ever. I can deep sleep knowing if something goes wrong an alarm will go off and notify us. Thank you Grandpa Charnuski for the Owlet that you gave Jackson and now is amazing for Marlowe!!

Your yeast infection just won't go away. This month we went to the Dr's three times trying to get rid of your thrush. You still feed ok, but to be honest I don't really remember what you did before, we've been dealing with this for over a month so I don't remember. You are eating though so that is all that matters. Really hoping this medicine works- I'm treating myself now because we are probably passing it back and forth - so let's hope baby girl that we get this taken care of.

You are wearing six month clothes which is wonderful that we haven't had to buy you new clothes this month. Good thing you have a baby cousin that is super tiny and will get good use out of all your clothes that you only wore once...maybe twice. Speaking of growing with all these Dr's appointments you get weighed lots. At four months you weigh 14 pounds 4.5 ounces.

You are a wonderful sleeper and are starting to develop patterns. You still take a nap within an hour of waking up and sleep for 45-60 minutes. Then I nap you every 2 hours or less. You feed every 2.5-3 hours and are a really content girl. You like to scream right before you fall asleep but it only lasts 5 minutes so I can handle it. We put you to bed anytime between 6:30-8pm and then you normally feed once anywhere between 1-4am and then again at 5-7am but you do a good six hour stretch which is wonderful. Because I am awake for your 5-7am feed I am only getting up once in the night and that is totally manageable because after the feed I place you in your crib, smile at you, tell you how much I love you, kiss your forehead and tuck your blanket around you and leave. You put yourself back to sleep which is amazing and most times I crawl back into bed and am able to go back to sleep.

You let your Daddy put you to sleep and still love your brother. You definitely put up with all Jackson's love and touch towards you. I constantly tell him that he needs to give you some space because his face is normally inches from you, but watching your relationship grow is one of my most favourite things. I know it won't always be this way - but wow, you amaze me how easy going you are... definitely have your Daddy's personality: )

The days are still long and the weeks are flying by. Can't believe you are four months old already. I am so grateful I get to be your Mom. When I rock you, I just pray over you - that you would know Jesus love for you- that you would experience Him and know that He is the very best thing. I dream about all the girl things we will get to together, I honestly get giddy thinking about everything we will get to do. You are my daughter and loved, cherished and prayed for. I couldn't love you more if I tried.

Oh and you found your toes at the very end of this month!:)

Thanks for a wonderful month,

Love your Momma

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