Dear Marlowe // Month Two

Miss Marlowe,

What a wonderful month it has been. Newborn stage isn't my favourite and I am so thankful that the first month is behind us- gaining lots of momentum from that. You are so loved and so wonderful and everyone just adores you, including your big brother. I think that is the most fun watching him love on you. He is so helpful and wants to take care of you. Again the only times he is needy is when I am feeding you (which is a lot) but we are working on it (and I am giving him the ipad lots!)

At nine weeks you weighed 12 lbs 7 oz and were in the top 85% of weight. So different from your brother but so wonderful! You are growing so fast out of your clothes but we are happy to pass them along to your baby cousin coming soon.

You are sleeping a lot better and we have kept you in the lamb/swing, or as Jackson calls it the "baba". You will give me a 4-5 hour chunk in the night but need to be held for all your naps in the daytime. This has been fun since I can't do anything for hours on end during the day but I am trying to relax, knowing that this season will pass so quickly and will become a blur and I will miss holding you when you nap. The days are long but the weeks pass so quickly. I can't believe how much you have grown and changed and it's been so neat seeing you smile this month and seeing more of your personality shine through.

You are nursing great, however we have tried to introduce the bottle and you will not take it. You just scream and scream. I've tried, Grammie has tried, your Dad has tried - everything and you won't take it. This has caused me the most stress since I have upcoming weddings to do and also heading back to work shortly but we will keep working on it. You also don't take a soother after I've tried many times with that as well. You do like to eat your hands however!

Loving you is easy Miss Marlowe. You have such a good temperament. I keep saying how this time feels much easier and Mark and I have decided it is part your personality and part that we have done this before and aren't as worried with your every cry.

My mom guilt and anxiety has really decreased and I have a much better handle on my emotions. My body is slowly starting to heal and I have little pain if any most days.

Happy 2 months baby girl. We are crazy about you! Xo
Momma and Dada

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