Dear Marlowe // Six and Seven Months

Miss Marlowe,

Happy Six and Seven Months my beautiful baby girl. So yes, I'm combining two months because, well, these past two months have been insane. I kept thinking I needed to write your six month letter and then it kept getting pushed back and now it's your seven month birthday - so I must ask you for grace as I summarize your last two months. Let's be clear - you haven't been the problem - sickness has. Your Momma was sick for six weeks. Yes, you are a reading that right - SIX WEEKS! I can't even. I still have an awful cough at night but can confidently type that I am better. When your Dad and I look at our calendars we knew September/October was going to be busy. I was coordinating three weddings, heading back to work. Mark was launching all the fall events and the church ramps up again at this time. The weeks are busy and the weekends are full. We knew we would need to work together as a team to get through... and then we both got sick. I got it the worst but Jackson was sick and so was your Dad. We didn't even make it to thanksgiving this year - so sad. But baby girl, you were a champ. You were the only one who didn't get sick - thank you breastmilk is all I can say.
You are a trooper and I am so glad we made it through!

You were weighed today at exactly seven months and came in at 50% weighing 16 pounds 1.5 ounces. Your length is 70% and head is 85%. You've definitely thinned out a bit but I am still obsessed with your legs. They are my favourite and I never want to forget those chunks - I can't even - you are too cute.

You still won't take a bottle, a soother or any food. We tried introduce solids at five months and you just won't take it. I've lost so much sleep and stressed about this so much but looking back - we did it. You did go 15 hours without food at one wedding and I just think you are like your Father - beyond stubborn. Who doesn't eat for 15 hours? You. So I return to my office job at Beacon tomorrow and guess what - you have to come with me because I can't leave you for eight hours without food. I do struggle with "mom guilt" so we will see how trying to work an office job with a seven month old goes... grace... we just need grace in this season. You did eat willingly once on October 21 but then never again. You gave me such hope but I will keep trying - you just do things on your own time. But please Miss Marlowe - you can start eating or taking a sippy cup anytime now - that would be amazing!

You aren't "on the move" yet but you definitely move. I can't leave you in your bumbo and you have to strapped in everywhere we go. You roll confidently from your front to your back and back to front and have even started sleeping on your stomach in your sleep because you roll around so much. I have to be careful what is on the floor and where you will go. You love tummy time and spend a lot of time on your stomach, playing with toys and watching your crazy brother.

You still head to bed around 6:30pm and sleep until 7am with one feed. I will try to eliminate the last feed this month (or next) we will see how you do and how I am feeling. But you are a good sleeper! I've had difficulty in naps and after talking to my girlfriends at 6.5 months I started letting you stay in your crib for 1.5 hours in the morning and afternoon nap even if you only slept for 30 minutes. It was a hard week of "cry it out" but you barely cried and just whined for a couple days. After one week of difficulty you do have some sort of sleep rhythm in the day. You have transitioned from the 2 hours of awake time to needing a nap to following more of a clock schedule.

Right now at seven months this is where we are at: Wake up around 7am - feed and play. Feed again at 9am and you have your first nap. Wake up around 10:30 and feed around 11ish. Feed again around 12:45 when you go down for your second nap. Hope you sleep around 2-2:30 (we are still working on this nap being longer than 1 hr) but then the third nap is always hit or miss and then you sleep anywhere from 5:30 (if you don't nap) till 7 (if you've napped). You've slept through the night twice in your whole life randomly one of these times being on September 17.

Oh and your teeth! You first tooth came in September 27 (5.5 months). It was your bottom right tooth. Since then your other bottom tooth has come through and just last week your top right tooth is poking through. Lots of drooling and it is bothering you a bit - we've had some good snuggles and I've rocked you to sleep a couple times but that has been amazing because I miss those snuggles already.

You were dedicated on September 16 and it was a beautiful service. I often catch myself dreaming of when you are older and we can do more together but am trying to slow down and embrace these moments, knowing I will miss them so much.

Marlowe you are truly amazing. You have the best temperament and just love us and your dear brother who is crazy about you! When you cry he will run up to you and give you a hug, rub your belly and kiss you. He longs to see you every morning when he wakes up and he is always telling your Dad or I when you are awake and that your eyes are open. He jumps into your crib and snuggles you and always talks about you. If you are coming with us every time we go out to the grocery store or library or any activity. Your relationship makes my heart burst and I am so excited to see how it continues... once you start crawling and taking his beloved garbage!

You use to love being alone - you preferred this in the past, but this last month you now know when we leave the room and you cry. You love being held and given a toy to play with. You still do like time alone but I would say this is slowly going away - especially since you've been teething you've wanted lots of love.

You also travelled to the states with your cousin Cora as we went to see Jennie Allen and Christy Nockels on their freedom project tour. It was such a good couple days but wow, I was so sick and so tired and travelling with two babies on different schedules was rough... not going to lie. But you do travel well. We've had lots of trips back to Elmira visiting family and friends and you've been a trooper through it all.

I'm crazy in love with you. You have taught me so much and give me such grace. I am so grateful to have you as my daughter. Happy Six and Seven months my dear baby girl. I couldn't love you more if I tried.

Your Momma

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