Dear Jackson // 2.5 years

My dear boy,

I've been using this blog doing month by month entries of your first year of life but want to continue writing down things that I don't want to remember each year of your life. This blog post is really only for me, to remember all the things. Looking back in five years from now, I can't wait to read these entries - I would say they are for you to read (and the rest of the world!) but you are a true boy and I doubt you will be interested in these letters.

You are 2.5 years and are a true delight! I couldn't love you any more if I tried! Literally, we put you to bed at night and then your Dad and I go through the day and swap stories about what you did that day and how much we love you. We watch the baby monitor and just can't get enough of you.

At two years you weighed 23 pounds and are just tiny. Because we didn't have to worry about the length of pants in the summer, you wore 3 month shorts. Marlowe was wearing 6 months... You are average height so pants are just a struggle. Most of your pants this winter are more like capri's because we cannot find pants with a small enough waist and long enough length. When we look at baby pictures of Mark, he had that petite frame so you are just following in his footsteps.

You love your sister. I want to remember that every morning you go into her crib and climb in. You say "Hi Mar Mar" and give her a kiss and hug. Then you ask for her to get out of her sleep sack so you can play with her. If she is still sleeping, you ask about her all morning long until it's time to get her and I can never get her without you. You think it is your duty to see and take care of Marlowe.
Today when Mark came home from work he was telling you how much he missed you. Without a pause you asked if Mark missed Marlowe too. You just always are conscious of her and are so sensitive to her needs and taking care of her. I know sibling relationships are a lot of work, but this season is beautiful - how you love and take care of her even at 2.5 years old. Thank you for being such an incredible big brother. Marlowe truly loves you! She sits up and watches you as you run around and make her laugh. You are the only one that can really make her deep belly laugh as you run around in circles calling "Mar Mar."

Another thing Marlowe loves when you do is bounce on Gary. You love Gary! Gary is a rabbit that Aunty Carmen bought you last Christmas. You bounce around the house and it is the most precious thing ever. You actually get height as you bounce around, but it just reminds me that the simple things are the best. You are having the best time and have no care in the world. You bring us such joy!

You need to have everything in order and a good day is when you know what your day looks like so you can prepare your emotions. It is a very interesting part of your personality. I will tell you what we are doing - we make lists and you repeat them and everything is great. When I spring something on you, you don't take it well and this often leads to a temper tantrum. For example, when we give you screen time if we tell you to shut it off - tantrum. If we set an alarm on our phones and the alarm goes off you turn off the iPad, put it away without any care because that is how it is suppose to be.

You love hide and seek and actually know how to play now (mid Dec 2018). You hid tonight in the laundry and stayed quiet the entire time. I love playing hide and seek with you - I want to remember these evenings.

Bedtime is at 7:30 and you manipulate your way most evenings and because you are so stinkin adorable your Daddy and I continue to rub your back, kiss you all over and take a long time praying because we just can't leave your room. You really have us wrapped around your finger.

You are now stringing words together - it is still a struggle but I understand you and we can have conversations. To the general public... they would have no idea what you are saying:) We are working on speaking, but I'm not worried at all.

You can cook better than most adults. You know all the ingredients to many different recipes and you cook and bake with us always. You know what size pot we make rice in and that we need a dash of salt and butter along with the wooden spoon. You get all of those things ready for us for so many meals. You love love the kitchen. You will pick out eggs and stir pancake mix, wash all the dishes (while being naked, because you don't like getting wet) and use your stool Grammie and Papa bought you with such independence. You are a little man when you are in the kitchen.

How could I forget our activity EVERY SINGLE DAY! Garbage man, garbage truck, blue bins, green bins, putting garbage men to sleep, garbage men riding on the back of your trucks, owning seven garbage trucks, dumping all your toys out and meticulously organizing all our neighbours garbage on the living room floor, not allowing us to clean up any of the garbage when you nap and only able to clean it up when "it is dark." We count the sleeps until garbage day every week and the night before is the best. You collect all the garbages from all our rooms and bring it to the garage. Then you and Daddy drag it out onto the road and you watch with delight. On garbage day you immediately run to the window and inspect what neighbours have put out their garbage particularly "Caleb, Bruce, Bubba, Kristine" and every single member of the family. We wait all morning by the window until we see the garbage truck drive by. Because we live on a dead end street we race with glee to get on all our things, or candles in the summer and run out to watch the garbage. All the garbage workers knows who you are and honk, wave and make small talk as we watch them take our garbage/recycling bin. Then we watch it go to the end of the street and you call it "down down down." Then when it disappears you say "bye broom broom, see you next week" and wave. I die every time inside at how cute you are. You have been addicted to garbage trucks for a year now and I wonder when you will stop. Even when we colour pictures, you only want to create art for the "broom broom man." Everything relates to garbage all the time. We talk about garbage the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. In your stocking this year we only have more "garbage supplies" for you and know that will be your favourite present. Today while reading books I pleaded with you to read a book other than your garbage ones and you refused in protest.

We started potty training the last few days in August and you did such a good job. Potty training with you was really easy. It obviously took a couple weeks but you were amazing! You know are fully trained and you just sleep in diapers at night because I am not interested in waking up with you yet to go potty- let's wait till your Momma gets Marlowe sleeping through the night before I want to start waking up again ahah!

You stay in your room till 7am - thank you Gro Clock! We love love love the Gro clock and so do you. There are stars and it counts down until 7am. Once your clock turns 7am the colour changes from blue to yellow and you know it is time to get up. This has saved us so much because you normally wake up by 6:30am but know to stay in your bed/room until your clock turns yellow.

You eat mostly everything and it is always in "two's." Two num nums. Always in two.  But you are a really good eater - just you don't gain any weight even though you eat a lot.

You best words are "hmmmmm" and you put your index finger on your cheek and are in deep deep thought.  and "oh yeah" when we explain something to you.

You still snuggle us and you love snuggling with you Daddy.

You made up your first song - it is called the Momma, Dadda song and the lyrics go like this: Momma, Dadda song, Momma Dadda song, Momma Dadda song, yay yay yay."

You also love jingle bells and do the twist by the wiggles.

Library is your second favourite time of the week (after garbage truck of course)

You understand Christmas - but as Jesus birthday and are excited to make him a cake and blow out his candles. You are terrified of Santa so we haven't even tried that - we want it to be magical not terrifying!

OK, I will add some more things to this post as I want to remember them. We love and adore you Mr. Jackson Thomas Hockley. You are the best.

Love your Momma

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