Dear Marlowe // Nine Months

Miss Marlowe,

You are NINE MONTHS! Unreal. You have now been out in this world longer than you lived in me. That thought still astonishes me - that you lived that long inside of me. When I think of you living inside of me, it causes me to praise Jesus - how are you not a miracle? We love you Marlowe. You are loved, cherished and adored by us!

This month was all things Christmas and you did Christmas like a champ. You are such an easy baby and we adore you. In the final days of eight months I started sleep training you to cut out your final feed at 5am. The first night you cried 2 hours but never screaming on the top of your lungs. The second night you woke up twice and cried for 15 minutes each time and then went back to bed and than last night you just moaned a little bit here and there but never cried. All three nights you've then woken up at 7am super hungry but super happy and content. Could it be this easy? Jackson was a nightmare trying to cut this feed- I had to have headphones and the fan running while your Daddy held the monitor and watched to make sure Jackson was ok. I was fully expecting this to happen like your brother, but you have declared right from the start - you are not like your brother. You do things you own way. You are super independent, but much much easier. I am so thankful - your Momma may get to sleep straight through the night again!!! This brings me such JOY.

You still do 2 naps. One from 9-10:30am and the second nap from 1-2:30pm. Then you head to bed sometime around 6:30pm and sleep till 7am now. You are wonderful and I can deal with this schedule:)

Food: YES YES YES - we are getting somewhere with you. You only feed yourself so we are doing the baby led weaning method now (since I gave up on puree food). I still think you will choke on everything but you have your top and bottom teeth so can easily bite down - so I am trying not to be too paranoid. You adore arrowroot cookies and that is 80% of your diet. You tried ice cream at our family Christmas and ate it from a spoon but nothing else when we broke out the baby food. I guess you know already what you want.

You love your brother and each month your relationship gets better. You smile so big at your Daddy and always are interested in where he is going. You love sitting on your bum and playing with your toys. You have such a good temperament and you do so well at nursery at church. I plop you down and you hang out in the same spot most weeks. You shuffle backwards and in circles but not moving forward. I don't have a weight for you, but have a check up approaching so will know your weight then.

Love you too much Miss Marlowe. You are a gift to me and I am so grateful I get to be your Momma! XO

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