Dear Marlowe // Ten + Eleven Months

Hi Baby Girl,

You have grown up so much since writing your nine month letter. Let's start with the big ones.

You say Momma all the time and I love it so much. I think you said Dada once but have not repeated it. Momma is really the only word we can decipher.

You have eight teeth. Top 4 and bottom 4 - middle.

Your hair grew a lot these eight weeks and it's coming along finally - you rock the pig tails and top ponytail almost every day. You take out your hair clips and can easily pull off headbands now.

You started crawling officially Friday March 22 (I know this is technically 11.5 months). You do everything on your own time and you are a great crawler now. I'm excited for this next season of movement.

You average 11.5 hours of sleep at night and sleep straight. Normally you head to bed around 6:30 and sleep till 6am. I tried a couple times pushing bedtime to 7pm to see if you would sleep in, but it didn't seem to affect your sleep. You still take 2 naps a day (9am and 1pm) and will generally sleep an hour + each time however you poop a lot in your naps and then wake up and can't fall back asleep - so I'm super hesitant when you haven't before your nap. It's a battle every time.

You eat everything now and eat a lot of it. Except you won't let us feed you. Never. So it's everything we eat in little pieces. I am still nursing you when you wake up, before both naps and once before bed. The goal was to nurse you till you are one but I wanted to do the same nutrition plan with Jackson and that was using a lot of purred food. So I still need to figure out what I want to do - but I would love my body back soon.

When you are done your food you just throw it off your high chair. When you drop something heavy, you close your eyes and squint before you even throw it down - it is really funny and cute but we've been trying to get you to understand no, because today when you threw the applesauce on the ground and it went everywhere, I was not thinking it was cute.

You can pull yourself to your knees, you love to clap, we always sing to you "hi miss Marlowe, hi pretty girl, hi tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny girl." When the Wiggles are on you dance and bounce. You adore your brother, but he def. gets into your personal space and you are slowly able to push him back. I'm interested to see your relationship develop - every month it just gets sweeter.

Can't believe we will be celebrating that you are ONE in a couple weeks. Marlowe, you bring me such JOY. Every night when you fall asleep I look at videos and photos of you on my phone because I just love and miss you! Having a girl is beyond special and I love being your Momma. You are a gift and I don't take that lightly. Thank you for letting me be your Momma through all my failures and struggles. I hope you grow up knowing that your Momma loves you unconditionally but that Jesus loves you even more than I ever could.

I love you so much Miss Marlowe,


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