Dear Marlowe - YOU ARE TWO!

My sweet baby girl,

How am I already typing this two year letter to you? You are two! You are amazing and I am so deeply in love with everything you do. This is such a fun stage of life you are in - you sleep through the night and consistently take an afternoon nap lasting from 1.5-2 hours. This makes it a good stage. Sleeping kids make everything a great stage! Also at this stage you are learning so very much. It's so fun to watch your brain take in everything.

For your birthday the only thing you wanted was "fries." You said it consistently every time we asked you what you wanted - so girlfriend- you got it! McDonalds (drive through - covid-19 style) outing! You love fries so much and ate most of your brothers :)

You are stringing together many words now and every day you learn a new word and are able to articulate it to me. Today was "pineapple." I thought you were saying pie for the longest time and didn't understand and then you started saying apple so I brought you that - which you weren't pleased with... and then you put those two words together and Jackson and I both understood at the same time! You were so proud of yourself for being able to ask for a specific snack all by yourself.

At two, you know all your colours, can count to ten and just learned how to take stickers off the sheet by yourself. You eat pretty much anything and are the dare devil between your brother and you. You are up for every adventure. You adore your brother. Let me type that in again incase one day when you are reading this you don't like each other that much ahah! You adore him and he adores you. You are both each other's best friend and when the other one isn't awake you both are upset. You do everything together as siblings at this age do and it will be interesting to see your dynamic when Jackson goes off to school in the fall.

You are defiantly a Daddy's girl and these past few weeks you've preferred him over me all the time. You think he is the greatest (so do I) and always snuggle on his shoulder and sit on his lap. Your relationship is beautiful and I thank Jesus for the gift to watch you both interact.

You are normally asleep around 7pm and wake up at 6am. You are still in your crib which you love so I'm in no hurry to move you to a toddler bed. When you wake up you are always happy and just hang out silently and wait for me or your Daddy to come get you. You adore your Dog - which you call "woof woof" from Aunt Rhonda and you take it everywhere. You also right now are into carrying around a watering can yellow duck Grandma bought you - we don't let you sleep with it because it is hard plastic but it gets a lot of your affections the rest of the day.

You love independent play and have a great attention span at your age! Your favourite activity is reading books. You will let us read to your for hours (literally). Then when I'm done reading you say "myself" and read by yourself. You still appreciate the lift the flap books but your favourite books by far are anything Daniel Tiger. We are building up a pretty good Daniel Tiger library and you will read those books over and over again. You watch Paw Patrol with Jackson sometimes but you really love Daniel Tiger - it is pretty much the only TV show we let you watch and you adore it! It is so cute watching you smile and interact with show - you are understanding and taking in so much. Your babies names are Angie, Emma, Tom and baby and you take good care of them. You are pretty much up for playing whatever game Jackson is but reading is definitely your favourite pastime.

You have the most gorgeous hair of any toddler I know. You let me blow dry it after bath time because it is getting so thick and long and you don't mind that. You sit on my lap, I give you a mirror and we are good to go. You weigh 21.8 pounds and are starting to outgrow your 18M clothes now.

Sweet Marlowe, there are so many stories and little things you do and say that I need to get better at writing down but for now -this will do. The days are so long but the weeks go by quickly. I struggled with finding purpose in the mundane tasks of motherhood but these past few months I truly believe we've all hit a new stride. I'm more gracious with myself and choosing to fix my mind on eternal things, not on worldly ones.

I love you so much and I beg God every day that He would save you. That I would do my best in his strength to show you the love of God and display his greatness to you - but I know that it is God who alone can save you. Someone once told me that I can get the best firewood and kindling but it is God who lights the flame - that is so true. I promise to try to get the best wood and set you up for knowing and understanding the love of God, but I beg God to be gracious and save you. He is the only thing worth living for.

I love you sweet girl or your nickname which has stuck - "Mar Mar." Happy second birthday my princess!

Your Momma

(also Easter and your birthday fell on the same weekend so adding in a few Easter pictures too!)
(oh and if you remember your birthday was over the great COVID-19 pandemic and we got to see no one over your birthday or Easter... but girl - we loved you lots!)

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